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  1. jbailey

    VA Delegates and Senators who might be influenced to support 2A and Constitution

    Hide, at request of folks in the big thread ongoing about the threat to 2A and US/VA Constitutions, I'm posting contact information about VA Delegates and Senators whose vote is important. First a few disclosures: The intent of this list is to honestly, openly and peacefully lobby these...
  2. jbailey

    Back to MT with the 308/198gr for 2000yds ELR!!!

    Some of you might remember my prior thread on the subject of 308s and the Flatline 198gr bullet taken to 2000yds and beyond. Original thread from 2017 is here: So I haven't touched...
  3. jbailey

    Mover target system - Blinktroll ?

    Hide, Has anyone used this Norwegian-made mover system? Saw it here: and then went to website here: If anyone has used the Blinktroll and/or know anything about it, any feedback? I have farm where this thing would be very fun to use. As always, I appreciate the...
  4. jbailey

    Problem carrying big RRS tripod? Solution offered

    I resisted getting a RRS tripod setup in their big 70+mm diameter ball and base size. Too damn big. But they are also so damn good, turning non-prone shooting into prone shooting. Hence I caved and purchased the setup. I also refuse to add any piece of shooting kit that I can't carry...
  5. jbailey

    New 'production' rifle from PVA - J. Hancock

    HEADS UP HIDE--- Patriot Valley Arms (PVA) has a new bolt action rifle at a very attractive price point: just under $2000 for the entire rifle. This allows it to qualify for the PRS category, "Production." Package includes: - chambered in 3 or 4 different popular competition cartridges...
  6. jbailey

    308/198gr Flatlines ELR in MT - results from field

    Josh Kunz at Patriot Valley Arms (PVA) and I have been working on crazy project: a 308 that shoots with, or out-shoots, magnum cartridges shooting the best Berger bullets. Key to this is Josh's/Warner Tool's 198grain Flatline bullet...
  7. jbailey

    PVA - heads up - Josh going full time

    My good buddy Josh Kunz at Patriot Valley Arms (PVA) is going full time into the gunsmithing business. No longer slaving for the man, but instead focused on his own business! Congratulations and best of luck. PVA has done great work for several years now and I'm sure the 100% focus will drive...
  8. jbailey

    Two questions on Kestrel 5700 AB

    I am evaluating this unit. I'm an old fashion guy - I print out and laminate range cards, etc. I don't own a cell phone - nor plan on buying one. But I do realize that technology is valuable. As such, two questions to help me evaluate the 5700AB: (1) will the 5700AB allow me to enter a...
  9. jbailey

    Patriot Valley Arms - best in the east - new thread on old forum

    bumping this one up from the scout forum. It was 8 pages long there with lots of great pics. I will get this new thread on the new old forum going by reposting my post from the scout site. Hopefully others will join along with some of that great content. --- Here is my PVA rifle on the...
  10. jbailey

    Warner Flatline 30cal Loads - All cartridges

    I'm copying and pasting the Warner Flatline 30cal load thread from the Scout forum to get it going here. Here is the copied stuff below, plus I have updated 198gr 308 load below. Warner FlatLine 30cal Loads - All cartridges 01/12/2017 Hello folks, I'm starting a thread for folks to post...
  11. jbailey

    AAR - BHTC Advance Precision Rifle Class 22-23 AUG 14

    INTRO This AAR (After Action Report) covers BTHC’s (Black Hat Training Corps) inaugural “Advanced Precision Rifle Course,” held on 22-23 August 2014 at the Mifflin range in Lewistown PA. My buddy Trebark and I took this class and the following reports on my thoughts. Most shooters have...
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    double post of thread, sorry guys.
  13. jbailey

    New 6.5mm bullet options: Precision Ballistics! My field experiences

    Guys, Hello, I'm a 6.5mm shooter. Like many of you, I'm always looking at bullets and the different options available in the market place. I admit it: I find this analysis fun, in a geeky kind of way. Anyway, some of you may remember the analysis I did on the 6.5mm 130gr JLK bullet from...
  14. jbailey

    CCI BR4 Small Rifle Primers in stock at Powder Valley

    In case anyone is looking for small rifle primers. $49/1000 + haz mat
  15. jbailey

    Gen 2 XR on a 3-15x?

    I have researched this and found a lot of grainy pictures and scattered advice... so I'm posting the Q here directly- Any thoughts on the usability of the Gen2 XR on a 3-15x FFP scope (namely the Premier LT)? The reticle's lines are fine (0.04mrad) and I'm abit concerned how readable they are...
  16. jbailey

    Vapor Trail Tactical - Team Concepts AAR

    I. BACKGROUND --------------------------- Vapor Trail Tactical (VTT, is an applied firearm instructional group led by Sean Little (known on Sniper's Hide as "Hogstooth"). Sean is a former Scout Sniper with 12 years experience in the USMC, including a combat...
  17. jbailey

    Short Magnums in Short Action - which magazines?

    I'm looking at 7mm and 30 cal short magnums (7 SAUM, 7 WSM, 300 WSM, etc). They all have the big bolt face of 0.535", so if you use them in a short action bolt, what detachable magazine can be used? I assume the 308 AI is out -- too narrow for the bigger bolt face and of course the 300WM AI is...
  18. jbailey

    130gr JLK by the numbers - evaluate my analysis

    Now that the 6.5 jackets are rolling again, my order of 130gr JLK's is finally in the mail from the Swampworks. Not having very good data on them, I did some math analysis of my own and I wanted to share it with you all for critical comments. As a reference point, I am a tactical competition...
  19. jbailey

    70gr Berger VLD instead of 75/77gr HPBT?

    Does anyone load the Berger 70gr VLD? I'm considering loading it instead of my normal 75gr H or 77gr SMK load. Rationale: same BC, but possible to get them moving ~150fps faster than the 75/77, and still mag length loaded. This is for a precision AR load for 600 to 800yd steel targets. I...
  20. jbailey

    Noveske 20" Medium Varmint 5.56mm Barrel

    Hello Hide Members- Has anyone used Noveske's 20" Medium Varmint 5.56mm barrel? This guy here: I have one of Noveske's 18" SPRs that I regularly shoot over 600yds and/or at 1moa targets. I enjoy the 18" a lot. However I am looking for...