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    Seekins rifles 25% off

    sent you a dm
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    Seekins rifles 25% off

    Have a few seekins coupons for sale for $30 each. 25% any order up to $2700 saving you up to 675 per coupon. Venmo or paypal Dm or send me a text at 9one8633285zero
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    Payment sent
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    Wts/wtt Pulsar dfa75 night vision spotter price drop $1050

    Bump. Had a few offers still looking for a scope I can trade for
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    *Both SPF* (2) S&B PMII 5-25 H2CMR RAL8000

    Learn something new every day. I wouldnt have thought taking a cap off would void a warranty but I stand corrected.
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    Wtb j allen bag rider

    Who has one they want to get rid of?
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    *Both SPF* (2) S&B PMII 5-25 H2CMR RAL8000

    Yea definitely wouldnt void the warranty unless someone attempted to do it that had no idea what they were doing and messed it up internally
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    *Both SPF* (2) S&B PMII 5-25 H2CMR RAL8000

    Disabling the mtc only requires pulling the cap off and removing the pin and spring the goes the the mtc portion. Not difficult and could be preformed by anyone with basic knowledge and tools. Doesn’t affect the operation of the scope and the pin could easily be reinstalled to make the mtc...
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    Sold: Brand new curtis 223 bolt

    Brand new never used curtis customs 223 bolt with fire control. Was purchased for a vector but from what I'm told it will work with an axiom as well. $350 shipped to you. Can accetpt Pp f&f or venmo. Text me anytime at 9i8633285zero