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  1. Lonestar1027

    WTS Seekins Precision Discount Card - 20%

    I'm selling the 20% off for $45. This can be used on any of their items for a max discount of $2500. Must be 18 to make a purchase. PM me if you need details.
  2. Lonestar1027

    New Primers = New Load?

    So I have a load worked out for my 6.5 Creedmoor and it uses CCI BR2 Primers. I chose those primers at the time because I couldn't find the Federal 210M and wanted to get shooting. I have since found the federal primers and wanted to know if I needed to start load development again if I want...
  3. Lonestar1027

    Advanced Long-Range Rifle Wind Reading and Skill Building Clinic - Central CA

    Pretty awesome training opportunity and wanted to share. Doubtful you will find training of this caliber at this price anywhere else. If anyone else will be there, let me know and we can squad up...
  4. Lonestar1027

    Federal Large Rifle Match Primers in Stock at Cabelas Came across this, figured you guys might want to snag some while you can.