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    *****TRADED****Powder swap FTF in SE MA or RI. Retumbo for H4350, RL16, or Varget

    I can trade 4 1lb retumbo (3 are same lot) for equal amount: h4350 RL15 RL16 Varget
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    SOLD: PRIME 6.5 Creedmoor Ammo 2017 140rds

    I pmd you as well a while ago
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    All sold

    I’ll take a box
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    SOLD Winchester 70 30-06 (post 64) Redfield scope Leupold rings

    Need the money more than this rifle just sitting in my safe. I have no use for it. This has been in the family since purchased new in the early 70’s. Serial number indicates it was made in 1972. Shot very little in the last 48 years. Excellent condition overall. Minor marks here or there from...
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    *traded* Broughton 6.5 blank 25” 1-8 twist Rem varmint

    No it’s 25 1/8” currently. But i was told it can finish at 24”
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    *traded* Broughton 6.5 blank 25” 1-8 twist Rem varmint

    For sale as title states. Broughton 6.5/.264 blank. 1-8 twist, 5C rifling. Rem Varmint contour. Was waffling back-and-forth between contours, ended up going with something different. Was going to keep this as a spare or to possibly use down the line for something else but I’ll free up the...
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    Best 6mm cartridge*

    Ok yeah this is tracking more with what I was referring to, not speed or barrels getting burned up quick. That’s a problem with all 6mms, to varying degrees. Something you got to live with. Maybe I should have called it, “tune ability”. I was referring to what Gardner talked about in the 6GT...
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    Best 6mm cartridge*

    So in 6.5 world the 6.5x47L has the rep of being so easy to load for but the 6x47L is apparently the opposite. What the issues?
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    Best 6mm cartridge*

    The 6GT seems to be very polarizing cartridge in its early stages. Despite all the very funny gay tiger memes, as a total newbie, with very limited reloading experience, if I was going to do a 6 mm and wanted to reload, the 6GT seems like a great cartridge to go with. Maybe you guys with more...
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    Best 6mm cartridge*

    Man that seems like a lot of work. 6 creed to be the most recommended and a lot less hassle.
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    New Stick: AIAT LE version

    Certainly a cool looking gun. But skulls all over a duty gun? That would be a no go for me. We’re not even allowed to have a punisher symbol on the back plate of our glocks
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    Trijicon Credo 1-8x28

    I mean it looks exactly like and specs the same as the Accupower 1-8, but they changed up the horrible huge center cross, so that’s a plus. These are great optics. Nice glass, built like a tank, but they’re huge. The NF NX8 blows it away with the weight savings for the gas guns these generally...
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    Proof,muller,bart,CBI. Blanks

    guess I should have called instead!
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    Proof,muller,bart,CBI. Blanks

    pm sent on mullerworks
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    I’ll take magnetospeed
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    257 Blackjack

    So interested in going with one of these quarter bore cartridges to utilize this awesome 131 ace bullet. What's the story with the 25 SAW compared to the 25 creed and 25x47? Advantages, disadvantages, etc. thanks
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    Sold Nightforce SHV 4-14 MOAR FFP

    Very good overall condition scope, in box. I just acquired it here but never mounted it. It’s FFP with MOAR reticle. Turrets are nice and positive. Glass is perfect. Scope body has one small noticeable but superficial mark. Couple other little marks here and there. Very slight ring shadows...