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  1. Supersubes

    First time dirt bike buyer

    Drago6, what’s your experience level? I’d highly recommend getting some coaching or attending a school. They do exist. Look into a trials schools as well. Great way to learn clutch work, lots of fun, and low speed. Will help your riding immensely. You’ll also be in a better position to choose a...
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    6.5x47 vs 6x47 WTF😩

    Saami 6mm creedmoor throated for your bullet and call it a day. Easy button. If you want to use the 47 lapua case, leave a 6.5.
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    Truck bolt guns?

    People sometimes ask me if I play the ukulele. I say yes.
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    What 50bmg?

    I’d do a model 99 Barrett before the 82/107.
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    Burn chart that lists only ball powder?

    What range are you interested in? We talking mid sized rifle cartridges, pistol?
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    Best varmint bullet / cartridge

    I shoot a 20-221 myself, although not an AI. Is it your reamer? Do you have the print? I’d like to look at it if you do. OP, judging by your cartridge choices, I assume this will be a custom/semi custom build? You left off 22-250, remember Lapua makes brass for that. Also, what varmints are...
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    Burn chart that lists only ball powder?

    It wouldn’t take too much work to simply highlight all the ball powders on the existing burn rate chart.
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    Truck bolt guns?

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    .300 BLK Dedicated Suppressor

    Never heard that angle, and never considered it a higher pressure round. I could certainly be wrong there. If you go the the L page on dear air, one of the first lines says “ suppressing the 300 blk is child’s play”, then goes on to say what the L is for. Certainly it would work well on a 300...
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    R16 slower than h4350?

    Yes, depends on the cartridge though. What bullet, barrel length, charge weights? I’ve found it safe to run at the same charge weights as h4350, but it’s not peaking out where h4350 is, and there’s frequently another 1-1.5 grains further to go for 16. In my 6cm with 115’s, equal charge weights...
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    The Fix Q accuracy?

    I don’t shoot factory ammo, so really can’t help you. The Fix hasn’t come with a Bartlein in what seems like two years or so.
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    Dirt/dual-sport/enduro motorcycle question

    It usually doesn't come naturally to go from street to dirt. That’s why many of a greatest road racers were dirt trackers of some sort first, and then transitioned to road racing. Seen a lot of street/track riders struggle in the dirt. All the principles are basically the same though. The front...
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    Dirt/dual-sport/enduro motorcycle question

    I did basically the same thing, except it was a 94’ CR 500. Got it for a steal. Man that thing beat me up at Glen Helen. I could put in 4-5 good laps on it, and I was done. Sold it for a brand new 98 YZ 125. I felt unstoppable on that thing. What a great bike that was! I know they still make...
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    .300 BLK Dedicated Suppressor

    Seems like the L would be a huge can for something like a 300 blk. I think my nomad is a beast as is. lol.
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    223 Trainer

    “Match” doesn’t really mean anything to me. Its really only something you see with custom guns, and is a reflection of the gunsmith’s preferences when he ordered the reamer. The Wylde is a pretty good do-all though. For reference, the freebore for the .223, wylde, and Nato are .025, .062, .070...
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    223 Trainer

    There’s nothing less inherently accurate about the Wilde chamber.
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    Dirt/dual-sport/enduro motorcycle question

    Everyone always wants to buy the bigger motor, or the SX model. Not sure what model ktms your friends ditched, but would you agree they probably coulda gotten the smaller motor, or maybe a different series(XC/XC-W vs SX etc). I’ve got a friend that just bought a 500XCF-w. Average sized guy...
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    Sooooo, Our Digital Scales Are Very, Very Touchy When it Comes To Temp...

    You mean it won’t power up or it won’t do anything after you power it up? 45 degrees is not even sorta cold. Maybe your scale is broken?
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    What’s the nominal size for each of your rods? Is there a straightness tolerance you’re sticking to? I have some rods sold by another company and they’re far too undersized for my liking, and the finish isn’t very good.
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    Good deal? AICS AT/700p

    You should continue to save and buy a used AIAT here. The barreled action they are selling you is the same as the SPS you have. In other words you can simply buy the chassis if you must and slap your sps into it. $279 for a complete barreled action ain’t bad either. Look down the road a ways...