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    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    Should have your cash in lower denominations unless you don't want change back. Where's the real money though?
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    Got some info on Vortex's new Razor LHT scopes

    I want their 1.5-8x LH illuminated and added to this LHT line.
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    Things your wife/gf does that piss you off

    My lady likes to wait until I'm in the doorway of the bathroom to start up a conversation. Damn yo, can't you see I'm about to check snipershide and drop a dook? Save the conversation until after I'm done visiting Maggie's Bar and Grill or until 11pm tonight when I'm about to fall asleep like...
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    Mid-layer jacket advice

    I used to run TAD Stealth Hoodie (softshell - mine was the lined version) as my exterior layer and under that either a TAD Praetorian for colder weather (below your 32 threshold) or their Equilibrium. I ended up shutting the zipper of my Stealth in my truck after I tossed it in the back quick...
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    New vortex razor lh 30mm tube?

    Love the 1.5-8x. Got it on a 30-30 and it's great. Put a 2-10 LH on a bolt action .22. Both great little scopes.
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    Why aren't the Fury 5000 binos more popular?

    I bought a pair of used Fury 5000s and a pair of Viper HD 8x binos. My brother is a photographer and has a better eye for optic quality and said the CA on the Fury was way more noticable than on the Viper. I can't tell any noticable difference between the two side-by-side except I do favor the...
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    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    That was my generation (Gen Y) except that was my early high school years, not middle school. We didn't have Google to verify. Probably heard it on MTV or something. Dude was weird so we all believed it.
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    Razor Gen 3 line?

    3-24x at 32oz max would be all I need. If they do the Gen 3 line like NF's NX8 and everything is at the 10x ratio then 2-20x and 4-40x would be expected. Of course I'd have called it the Gen X line then. :) Really just curious how usable the 1-10x reticle will be. Looks awesome though...
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    Let the Great Acquaintance Purge of 2020 commence!

    I grew up a military brat (Dad did 20 in the Marines) so this purge happened to me every 3-4 years with every PCS whether I liked it or not and I got used to it. 38 years old now and my circle outside of my brothers, wife, and a couple cousins is one friend who has been a long time shooting...
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    Pick a 308 AR10 for me

    My buddy has the S&W MP10. Shoots decent but I prefer my Savage MSR10. Costs more but much nicer.
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    FS: Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x50 F1 moa LV.5 reticle

    I'll take this if you accept Paypal. PM inbound.
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    I heard you make great knives...

    What steel are you planning to use? I expect you already know the site, but if you haven't checked it out, Bladefourms is a great website and somewhere you can sell your stuff and reach a broad audience. Also a good site to chat with other knife makers.
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    Eastern WV / Western MD

    You can check out White Horse shooting range in Peeltree WV. Been a while since I've shot there but that's where I did all my long range learning.
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    Would You Buy a House Next to a School?

    I lived next to a school once. I was driven crazy by all the bus traffic and weekend use of the ball fields and people not caring or knowing where the school property line ended. And you never get a good understanding of who belongs there. Terrible place to live if you're paranoid.
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    ‘Matrix 4’ Officially a Go With Keanu Reeves

    Now that the director brothers are sisters I'm expecting this to be a more liberal toned story where robots and humans will live in harmony without borders under a socialist construct with Neo and Agent Smith as lovers after Trinity has an abortion and restarts the Matrix (after they somehow...
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    Time to play How Fucked am I

    Exactly. He's tried twice now. I know he doesn't want to do it. He just wants his problems to go away and fixing them takes too long and are too much work. Hard to be right when you're chemicals are all jacked up.
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    National Knife Day 8-24-2019

    I'm a Busse addict. Some of my swords and daggers. My "if I can only have one" end times knife: TGLB modified by Razor's Edge Knives
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    Time to play How Fucked am I

    My brother-in-law has issues. My wife and I had him move up from FL to MD when he was 23 thinking him living with us would help him get straight. We forced him to get a job and his GED, taught him to drive, got him his license, then bought him a car (that he paid us for - he didn't have credit...
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    Hong Kong?

    You don't pay taxes?
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    Epstein found dead in cell

    Picture of Epstien's last visitor.