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    IOWA Red Flag Law - courtesy of Mini Mike

    Link to bill here You can reach your legislators here
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    ATF trying to facilitate gun registration

    Please read this and sign the letter to Congress ATF Proposes Step to Make a National Gun Registry Easier The ATF has issued new rules that will alter the format for Form 4473’s and make it easier to create a national gun registry. The movie, Red Dawn, shows how the 4473 form can be used as...
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    Wyoming Red Flag bill -- ALERT

    You are not spared either in WY. This is a nationwide epidemic.
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    Missouri Red Flag Bill -- ALERT

    Time to get active MO patriots: Here is the bill and here are the legislators to be contacted.
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    South Dakota -- Red Flag bill in Senate!

    FYI and call to action for the South Dakota Patriots:
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    Pro-2A event updates via txt

    Eric from YT channel Iraqveteran8888 launched a text notification system for pro 2A events and related info. You can sign up by texting "1776" to 31996. He promises no spam or junk. Just pro 2A action updates. Details are explained at 8:15 in this video:
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    Oklahoma gun ban ALERT

    Just found the following video. Pass the word and get active.
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    Where would you move to from a future Socialist America?

    I have been (legally) living in this great country for over 30 years. Never regretted the choice and would repeat the same exciting journey again with only minor modifications. When it looked like Hillary was going to win in 2016, I was ready to close the American chapter in my bio and move on...
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    Where you should not spend your money (or your clicks for ad dollars)
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    WTB: cheap SSG3000 factory stock

    Looking for the cheap factory stock for an SGG3000. If you upgraded to an GRS or McMillan and do not need the SIgSauer plastic stock anymore, please PM.
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    please delete

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    What you are witnessing is not your father's or grandfather's socialism anymore!

    Week after week we become aware of statements and decisions that make us scratch our head. Make us ask "WTF is that about?". Politicians throwing the same 2A supporters under the bus who got them into office in the first place, Zuckerberg being questioned by senators not under oath but with...
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    Anyone wanting to split 5000rds of Eley CMP 22LR with me?

    This looks interesting. However I do not need that much. Please PM if willing to sell half the case to me.
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    Which 6.5 cartridge for long action - SSG 3000?

    I have a SIG SSG 3000 that I want to rebarrel to 6.5mm caliber. Magazine and action will accommodate cartridges up to 3.450" COAL. However, the single stack magazine is too narrow for anything based on the 284 case. Keeping in mind the known accuracy nodes for 140 grain LR bullets, what case...
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    Ideal 5.56x45 chamber for Berger VLDs seated at AR-15 magazine length?

    Among service rifle shooters it seem to be popular to shoot something like a 77gr SMK from the magazine and then single-load the longer tipped (secant ogive) Berger VLD bullets for longer distances. Unfortunately, that strategy does not lend itself well to tactical matches. If I already suffer...
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    Why are tube guns/chassis not more popular?

    Please let us know why you decided against a tube gun/chassis or why you traded it for a conventional design.
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    Lee Perfect Powder Measure is VERY consistent for 8208XBR

    I use the Lee Perfect Powder Measure (LPPM) typically only to get some powder in the pan and then trickle up. For that purpose there was no point in buying something fancy and more expensive. Today, I noticed that the throw variation of the LPPM is undetectable on a RCBS 505 scale for 8208XBR...
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    Hensoldt ZO 4x30 / 6x36 - Did anyone try these?

    They look like a new take on the earlier, fixed power ELCANs, which I liked for what they were intended for. Does anyone have actual experience with a Hensoldt ZO ? Pros/Cons ?
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    Who makes DBMs for 6.5x55 Mauser or 6.5-06 cartridges? Double stack if possible.

    Application is described here: Anything that holds 30-06 would probably work. TIA for any leads.
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    Opinions on building a "different" LR rifle

    After messing with gas guns for the last few years, I feel the need for a LR bolt gun. Rather than going the proven R700/GAP/UsualSuspects route, I would like to try something off the beaten path. How about taking a Sauer 200/202/STR barreled action in 6.5x55 Mauser and building a tube gun...