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    Blem Lancers $13!

    Dang, already out. I recall reading that the red ones are made exclusively for GunMag warehouse.
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    Do you go to a chiropractor?

    Depends on the situation, to a chiropractor everything looks like an alignment is sure, just like to a surgeon everything looks like an operation. I had a fall once that popped out three ribs. Could feel weird bumps where the base were pushed out next to the spine on my back. Couple months...
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    Diy ventilator

    MIT is also working on this. Still a last resort, but their designs looks promising. With following:
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    PSA MP5

    Just found about the PS9 dagger, for the price it also looks like fun.
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    I don't know about you

    Governments won’t do anything, China is too big to start trying to shove around the playground. Businesses may be inclined, but with China’s population businesses won’t cut off that revenue stream. Or if some folks decide to walk away from the table China has the money to make lucrative deals...
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    Sleep system

    The military Goretex bivy is awesome. Pair that with a good pad and it makes all the difference in the world. I write off the weight and volume as a necessity: the wilderness is a dangerous place for a sleep deprived mind.
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    Do we have a nutritionist in the house?

    You looking for certified expert or “someone who took a college class, made his own soylent recipient and lived off of it (mostly) for a year?” Hypothetically speaking...
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    Where the call out thread go?

    Great art, lost to the sands of time. And like all things subjugated to the land of memories, it will grow greater with each retelling.
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    Stocks! Anyone investing right now?

    Dow futures trading already limit down tonight. Hang on, this week may get interesting! A lot of stocks are on sale right now, but that doesn’t mean they are at the lowest yet. Everyone may get desensitize to virus news over the next 8-10 weeks, then complacent, so I’m betting a minor bounce...
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    Anyone made a DIY biathlon or backpack sling for hunting?

    Of course! Good luck on your project.
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    Anyone made a DIY biathlon or backpack sling for hunting?

    I’ve got a couple industrial machines, and learned sewing at a top backpack manufacture. in a use case like this, structural (heavy closed cell) foam is your friend. the additional stiffness and shape provided will go a long way from turning a bunch of floppy webbing/fabric into an easy to use...
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    The wait begins

    I’m 14 months into a wait. The trick is to apply retail therapy with bulk ammo every time you think about suppressor jail. Unfortunately with the latest panic I have to find new therapy technique...
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    PS 90 Suppressor

    Just about any 22 can as Lefty said. I have a thunderbeast in jail. Been using a Dead Air Mask for a while and love it. My shooting Buddies shoot a variety of Silencerco 22 suppressors, and they work well. Lots of good options, go with a reputable brand with good CS.
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    Brisket Recipe

    Malcom Reed has some good recipes, And YouTube videos. Here is his brisket : Love my Traeger. Lots of good options, from pizza to cookies and meat. Also smoke the veggies before making salsa, adds a bit extra flavor.
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    Shooting with an Obstructed Bore- will a pistol blow up if plugged with mud or cement ?

    Well color me impressed. Still not going to buy a hi point though.
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    Spend my money

    @flyer is spot on. And yes, everybody needs an AR/AK. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding.
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    Feds drop rate...

    Get a quote. Compare the cost of the refi with the savings. Depending on your situation the payback period could be as low as a few months, and save you a ton. What I found interesting that no one is talking about is the fed at the same time lowered the reserve ratio for banks to zero. This...
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    Best Heat Resistant Wire Wrap?

    I knew a guy who made suppressor covers out of the Kevlar aerospace sleeving mentioned above, and then dipped the ends in silicone. Granted, I never tested one out, and he was sketchy as #2 pencil in a French art class, so your millage may vary. The silicone was something like this, and may be...
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    Reaction to today's stock market

    For me the market just looks to be on sale. I love a good discount. May drop further, I don’t know, but if it does I’ll be buying more. Interesting times make for good opportunities!