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    WTT: Tikka 223/PVA

    I found out a week ago that we are moving to Ohio As my wife matched into a residency up there. Now she wants to buy a house.... so here comes the cleaning. Selling some stuff off and limiting it down to one rifle. I’ve got a tikka t3 action with a 26” rock creek - 223 shouldered prefit from...
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    Wts: 6mm/ 30 cal bullets and 308 brass

    Looking to sell the following: ~565 hornady 30 cal 168 eldm - $150 shipped ~299 hornady 30 cal 178 bthp - $75 shipped 100 hornady 6mm 108 eldm - $23 with any other purchase or $27 by itself ~900 pcs of once fired federal brass out of a bolt gun - $120 shipped
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    WTB: 2x 223 mags - FOUND

    Looking to purchase 2x 10rd 223 magazines. Preferably mdt with the long oal allowance
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    Carbon Ring Removal with CLR Q’s

    So I’m about to work on my brothers 223 and try and work what we suspect is a carbon ring out. Shows all the symptoms of one: high pressure at book minimum, black marks on bullet I give when removed from chamber, and it’s got about 750rds of varget reloads with not too much cleaning. I’ve got...
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    Bench Cleanout: Surgeon 223 Bolt Body, tikka Manners t4a - added trades

    Looking to sell the following - Manners t4a - tikka SA, m24 barrel channel (could possibly be bigger - I know it fits and m24), tikka ctr bottom metal inlet, standard fill, two sling studs up front, and one in the rear, nighthawk Camo pattern. Stock will come with atlasworx bottom metal for...
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    WTB: chargemaster or lite

    Looking for a chargemaster or chargemaster lite in great shape with the check weights. Wouldn’t mind if it had the reducing insert either
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    Wtb: KRG enclosed forend/aluminum forend - tikka

    Looking for what the title says. If you’ve got arca on it, even better
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    WTT: Tikka MDT ESS SA

    Looking to trade my MDT ESS for another Tikka chassis or stock. Just seeing what else is out there. I enjoy trying new things, haha. Whatever it is must be able to fit an MTU barrel in it. Chassis is as follows: FDE base Black 18” handgaurd no rail Sawtooth Rifles Arca Rail Mdt Adjustable grip...
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    WTB: 308 Full length Bushing Sizer

    Looking to buy a full length bushing sizer die. Prefer Redding or Forster but will listen to others. Even better if you have a .336” bushing
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    WTB: custom 223/223ai

    Looking to buy a BA built on a custom action (no Rem 700 or stillers). I’d prefer something like an ultimatum, kelbly, Bighorn, or nucleus. Looking for lowish round count and 24-26” heavy contour barrel. Twist would preferably be 1:7, but can work with others Ryan
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    Custom tikka 308 - price drop $750

    Yes I have rifle ADD. Yes I have a problem.... Looking to sell a tikka barreled action, Built by Top Gun Customs and chambered by Paul Wunische in Spokane WA. Just over 900 rounds fired. 26" Benchmark 1:10 MTU 900rds 308 - Yodave trigger spring/tuning by Mr. Wunische - Kampfeld Custom Bolt...
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    Wts: Tikka Krg X-ray w/ accessories and Brakes

    Looking to sell an FDE krg X-ray for a tikka with some accessories. Chassis only for $425 shipped Extras I’ve got are: Heavy flat bag rider Minimalist Spigot Moe rail Heavy buttstock spacers (homemade and not completely finished) Several regular buttstock spacers Asking $585 shipped for...
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    Wts: 500ct 107 smk - SOLD

    Looking to sell a box of 500 of 107 smks new pointed version. Looking for $150 shipped
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    WTT: 2x MDT 12rd 6br mags for 308

    Looking to trade 2x mdt 12 rd 6br mags for two 308 mags. Would prefer mdt but wouldn’t mind others, especially those without binder plates.
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    SOLD Wts: Tikka Stainless Action -308 bf - SPF

    Looking to sell a tikka 308 bolt face stainless action with stock trigger (has been tuned), 20 moa rail, mtm bolt shroud, and atlasworx bolt knob. two things: 1. There is a little bit of cerakote where the coated missed taping when cerakoting the barrel - just on the front of the action on the...
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    Anyone shooting Tac Class this year?

    If you are shooting tac class this year I’m curious of the following: 1. Which cal are you shooting? 2. Factory ammo or Reloads? 3. What is your bullet choice? 4. What speed are you running? 5. What is your barrel length? just things I’m curious of.
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    Wts: whidden 6BRA dies

    Looking to sell whidden 6bra does with .266 bushing. Micrometer seater and FL bushing sizer. Asking $160 shipped
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    Bushnell XRS2 - Black mil/mil

    Looking to sell a Bushnell xrs2 mil/mil with G3 reticle, non illuminated. Scope has only been out of the box for a few weeks, mounted on my rifle and taken out of the house twice. Has worn a wrap the entire time. Comes with everything from factory. Asking $1270 shipped. Pics posted. Took the...
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    Looking to sell a Bartlein 6bra barrel shouldered for a tikka. 1-7.5 twist Bartlein 26” chambered in 6BRA by A-team precision. They build absolute hammers. Shouldered for a tikka action. Barrel is cerakoted black, and muzzle is threaded 5/8”-24. Only has 100rds through it to fireform Brass...