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    WTB: Hawk Hill spiked feet for Atlas

    Looking for a set of Hawk Hill spiked feet for an Atlas. Good condition preferred. let me know if anyone has a set they are not wanting.
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    Huber 2 stage 1.5 lb $180 shipped

    Have a Huber 2 stage that is set for 1.5 lbs that was in my Vudoo I’m looking to sell. It does not come with trigger pins. $180 shiooed.
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    New 11.5 build.

    ADM upper Rosco barrel 11.5 SLR ion lite 10.75 Lantac EBCG ( until my LMT comes it) Dead air brake SiCO omega Holosun W Geissele mount Geissele BUIS Geissele Airborne CH SLR sentry 7 ADM lower Geissele SD-E Vltor A5 W A5H2 Sprinco green Geissele LPK BCM grip SBA3 (until stamp comes in) waiting...
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    Need a AK for the new year.

    Father in law asked me about getting an AK tonight. He is looking to pick one up and everyone knows I am the “gun guy” to talk to. he knows I don’t buy cheap guns anymore so he already knows I won’t recommend cheap so that’s good he already knows he’s gonna spend a little money. I have to...
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    Anyone with a 6GT reamer I can barrow/rent???

    Looking for a 6GT reamer to get my local guy to spin a barrel up for me. Having a HARD time finding one.
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    Huber concepts 2 stage $170 shipped

    Have an 2.5 lb two stage I am no longer using. For a Rem 700 right hand safety no bolt release. It was installed on a defiance. $170 shipped OBO if they are selling cheaper.
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    100 pieces Lapua 6.5 CM brass SOLd

    Have ONE unopened 100 round box of Lapua brass for 6.5 CM. Moving to another caliber and won’t shoot these. Looking for $110 shipped if that’s fair. PayPal F&F.
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    Good vibra tumbler?

    I am a SS wet tumbler guy but loading .223 it is getting out of control with the amount of time it takes. What is a good media tumbler for an initial clean. It will be ran in the back of the house so noise is an issue. Also what media should be used for a rough clean? My plan is to dry...
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    Dillon RT1200 .223 problems

    I have a Dillon RT1200 set up on a Dillon tool head. When trimming .223 I can’t seem to get it low enough to trim unless the trim die is really squeezing the body. I resize prior to trimming but it still take a lot of force to run the case up in the trim die. It feels like it’s resizing it...
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    WTS: upgraded Annealeez $250 shipped

    Have a Gen 1 Annealeez that has been upgraded with a regulator, longer hose, adjustable torch mount, LED panel (speed controller). Has two sets of wheels and only selling because I upgraded. $250 shipped. WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SHIP UNTIL MONDAY. Take cash, money order, PayPal.
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    xXlojackXx is G2G!

    I purchased an AMP annealer from @xXlojackXx . He was patient with me sending funds until I could get off work and to the bank. He shipped very quickly and paid too dollar for shipping even though it wasn’t required. He could have purchased snail mail. Overall a good guy to deal with and thanks...
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    Forester CO-AX upgrades?

    I have had a CO-AX for around 3 years now and am looking to purchase some upgrades for it. Mainly looking at the access side linkages from Inline Fabrication. Some of the older photos show that they were like half moon shaped. The new ones show they have a point in the middle of them for some...
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    Ok who did I piss off?

    Giver of bad advice... lol So what bad advice did I give? Link please.
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    JAE-700 dark blue for sale BIG price drop!

    Selling a Gen III JAE-700 in dark blue with coyote furniture. The rear action screw has been skim bedded for an Impact. Looking for $1150 shipped to the lower 48. Found an optic and need funds quick. So a pretty large price drop to get this sold. PM with any further questions.
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    Vudoo V22 cleaning rod diameter?

    I have a Dewey .22 cal rod that fits into my Vudoo barrel but I have no idea if it’s too tight or scraping in the rifling. What diameter rod should be used with a match .22? I will be buying a Boretech rod as I want to replace the Dewey. They have .17, .20, and .22 rods.
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    WTB: RRS BTC Pro ARCA clamp for atlas.

    Like the tile says I’m looking for an RRS BTC for an Atlas bipod.
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    Any Really Right Stuff coupons?

    I have to order one clamp and wanted to see if anyone knows any coupons from RRS. Mods move please if in the wrong section.
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    JM Malrin .32 cal and a 45/120 Sharps. Need information and value.

    I have a friend that purchased an entire gun collection and these two rifles were included. He is wanting to know the value of them and gave them to me to see if I could find any information. I have NO idea what they are or what they would be worth. They both look old and expensive but I also...
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    Thread on comp for 9mm 1911

    Hey guys I am looking at a Dan wesson Discretion Comander in 9mm and thinking about getting a compensator. I will run suppressed for fun sometimes but does any company make a thread in comp for the 1911? Kinda like TBRC for the glocks and primary machine for the CZ’s. I want something that...
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    20 or 30 MOA Scope base (Tikka) and optic help.

    Looking for opinions on a Tikka scope base in 20 or 30 MOA. It will be building a Tikka T1X .22 for practical style matches. Distances from 25 to 350 yards. I know 350 yards is probably extreme but that’s the farthest my local range goes and would be interesting to shoot that far. Scope will...