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    What Knife is in your pocket right now?

    Just picked up a Guardian Tactical Recon 035,,OTF, Elmax blade. Ceramic ball bearing action. so smooth,,,
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    TeePee Trees

    Works best before it rains,,,
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    PS 90 Suppressor

    I run a TBAC 223 can and a SWR 22 rim fire can on a SBR PS90. Still loud as hell and a lot of gas in the face Bullpups don’t suppress well IMHO
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    Cat shit in my flower bed

    A couple bowls of antifreeze goes a long way
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    Suggestions for concealed carry rigs

    Any suggestions for pocket holsters? G43 or 365
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    Shotgun ammo in Las Vegas area

    For Skeet, sub gauge tubes are your friend. Check out Briley or Kolar.
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    Shotgun ammo in Las Vegas area

    If that’s the actual gun,,,a Kickezz or similar recoil pad would be a plus. Or better yet, there are numerous recoil reducing pads/devices out there. A buddy of mine likes the RAD. And another one is made by Graco.
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    Shotgun ammo in Las Vegas area

    Hope your shooting a semi
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    To make a heavy varmint rifle: chassis or stock?

    Pre Caldwell swivel bench Park it in the middle of a town and get at it
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    To make a heavy varmint rifle: chassis or stock?

    It’s been my experience, any part of the country that has Pdogs available to shoot there’s wind. And generally a lot of it. Standing or sitting with a rifle mounted on a tripod is nowhere near as stable as a good, heavy and stable bench. The wind not only moves your rifle but your whole body...
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    Figured Stock Blanks

    Wood upgrades with generic medium to high end production shotguns (Krieghoff/Perazzi) start at 2k and approach 200k with the corresponding engraving.
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    CZ 805 Bren Pistol**SOLD**

    Any idea on the weight?
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    Sig P365 owners?

    I got a chance to shoot an XL with Romeo sight today. The 3moa dot is situated quite a bit lower than a regular RMR because of the co-witness. RMR co-witness’s with suppressor height. Between the small 3moa dot and the low placement, it’s hard to see. 5moa would be better IMHO
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    Browning 725 vs Fabarm Elos D2

    Changing LOP is nothing to be concerned with. Any good shotgun gunsmith can cut or ad to a stock. While your at it, have him install an adjustable pad. I always get an adjustable comb too.
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    Sig P365 owners?

    My XL isn’t here yet, I’ve fingered them, but not with the Romeo sight
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    Sig P365 owners?

    I looked at a SAS last year, you definitely want to get behind one before you buy,,,I have a standard 365 and a XL with the Romeo sight inbound,,,,never shoot my 43 anymore
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    I got a lead on Winchester .45 ACP for 40% off at Walmart. Should I buy it all?

    Shipping 45 ammo is spendy,,,Heavy shit
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