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  1. jheat308

    223 ammo sale Acadamy

    Should go quick just wanted the hide to have a chance at it. Crazy times
  2. jheat308

    Needing Weld job for Rail Sig 556

    Ok Guys and Gals, Needing some recommendations for a gunsmith that will do a full steel weld job on my sig 556. The 3 screws have broke off and left just 3 flush holes in the receiver. I live in Charlotte NC and would like to do FTF but will ship if the work and price is right. Thanks
  3. jheat308

    Sig 556 Troy Full Rail

    This is almost new with full professional cerakote. I have brand new screws and hardwear from Troy plus the original. If you would like more pictures or details please let me know. $170 OBO shipped.
  4. jheat308

    Mecklenburg Hunt Club or NC hunt clubs

    I have never been part of hunt club and moving back to the charlotte NC area with no leases has me wanting to join one. I have sent email about Mecklenburg hunt club with no reply. If any one has a contact number or has a recommendation for another club please let me know. Thanks
  5. jheat308

    Never Forget

    Just wanted to bring this back in the fold. Classic
  6. jheat308

    Msaon308 is GTG

    Fast shipping and just what he said it was.
  7. jheat308

    Fantastic Member Waorani

    Very smooth transaction, trust this guy. Waorani
  8. jheat308

    Sig M400 Elite accuracy?

    Anyone have any experience with the new sig M400 Elite? Looking for accuracy, if it has any lol.
  9. jheat308

    Old SH

    Just wanted to thank anyone and everyone for bringing back this great forum to its glory.
  10. jheat308

    Buying land help

    So I'm turning 30 this year and wanting to get some land. I mostly want it for a tree farm and bug out location for the next 15 years than retire build a house on when all is paid off. Looking in north OK or east Texas and I would like to get away with owner finance with 10% down. Some questions...
  11. jheat308

    End of Watch

    One great movie. Dont like paying good money for suck as* movies but this one is worth the $9
  12. jheat308

    300aac blackout = fantastic!!!

    Just had my first experience shooting my newly bought AAC blackout upper with my 308 can from shark on it. What a great round, upper and the sound of the. 220 is like a .22. All I can say is go shoot a suppressed with subs and you might buy 2.
  13. jheat308

    Who can ask for papers?

    If you have a SBR or OAW and so on who can ask for papers? I have had my toys out to many ranges and shows and never been asked not even once.Has anyone ever been pulled over or had a run in with LEO asking?
  14. jheat308

    Vortex Razor finish

    Just wanted to know if anyone has had any Vortex finish problems IE easy ring marks or other light finish spots. Thanks
  15. jheat308

    Gun Sickness

    So I was talking with a good friend another Hide member about this addiction to buying, flipping, and just overall drooling over guns and gun stuff for sale on these sites. I buy a gun shoot it some and then want to get a 2 one ( 2 is 1 one is.... ) or trade it and buy another. It has taken over...
  16. jheat308

    Can Unscrewing itself

    So one of my thread cans keeps unscrewing itself after about 100 rounds. Any Ideas how to keep it tight but still keeping the option of removing it every blue moon to use on something other. Thanks
  17. jheat308

    herniated Disk after deadlift

    Well I have been lifting for a good amount of time, working up to what I would say was some heavy weight. 3 months ago this last fri on my last set and rep I felt a pop in my back and had some real pain. Ill save the long story and just say after a month went by I could still hardly move. I dont...