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  1. SBGreen0369

    WTS: LaRue LT-807 34mm 1.375" mount

    Used in good condition. Couple marks near the adjustment screws. Works as intended. All screws present/none stripped. Clean. Ships USPS 2-3day Priority. Price: $145 shipped
  2. SBGreen0369

    WTS: LNIB S&W M&P 9mm 4.25" w/ Crimson Trace Grips $450 shipped

    Bought this new for my Dad 5-6 years ago. It's been to the range exactly 1 time. Never carried. Not a mark on it. Looks new as the day I bought it. Round count: UNDER 50 Has Crimson Trace laser grips. Just replaced the batteries. Box included. Comes with 2 mags/ original box/ test round/...
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    Pm with price and photos. Thanks.
  4. SBGreen0369

    WTS: McMillan USMC A4 mod1 Rem700SA PGW DD Ross

    Stock went to the range 1 time and fired 30 rds from the bench. Has been in the safe since. McMillan A4 Mod1 molded OD Green #7/M40 barrel inlet Bedded for Rem700 SA w/DD Ross lug DD Ross hinged floor plate, box mag, spring & follower PGW NV Rail bedded Prices to recreate from scratch...
  5. SBGreen0369

    WTS: Impact Prefit Proof SS, M24, 6.5creed

    20 rds of FGMM 130gr on it work done by The Firm Rifles Proof Stainless Steel M24 contour 24” 1:8 twist Muzzle threads 5/8-24 (barrel relieved slightly to accommodate OTB Brake) cleaned and ready to go $475 shipped
  6. SBGreen0369

    SOLD: RRS TVC-32G Mk2 Series 3 carbon fiber tripod

    I’ve had this at the range a couple times and only ever setup on a bench. It’s a stout little fucker with the versa apex, perfect to mount an BH55 or similar style Ballhead. Comes with the original box from RRS. Ships USPS Priority 2-3 day Price: $450 shipped
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    Anyone have one they’re not using?
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    Set of like new 34mm rings Badger 306-27 34mm 1.275” rings - STEEL $125 shipped PayPal F&F please #NotANigerian
  10. SBGreen0369

    SOLD: Like New Timney 510 RH

    This was on a 6.5creed for 20rds RH, Curved shoe, adjustable 1.5-4lb, w/bolt release. All black currently set just under 3lb $115 shipped via USPS Priority PayPal F&F please #NotANigerian
  11. SBGreen0369

    SOLD: TT 525P Gen3xr #NotANigerian

    This is about 2 months old. Saw 20 rounds on my 6.5 and was torqued to 15in/lb in badger rings. Very faint ring marks but NOT A SINGLE mark on it otherwise. I had it wrapped in self adherent bandage tape. Killflash has never been out of the foam. Comes with everything from TT, including The...
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    Please PM with photos and price. Thanks
  14. SBGreen0369

    FOUND: Colt 6945 10.3" upper

    it's a long shot but maybe one of you fine Americans has one that you'll let go. PM with photos and price. Thanks, Scott
  15. SBGreen0369

    SOLD: MDT 12rd SA mag w/binder plate

    I purchased these last month and I haven’t got around to using them. They’ve been in and out of some bottom metal In the garage but never taken to the range. not sure where the other bag went but I have one and the print out that comes with each mag. $70 per mag shipped USPS Priority
  16. SBGreen0369

    SOLD: RRS TFC33 Mk2 Carbon Fiber tripod

    RRS TFC33 Fixed Apex Carbon fiber tripod. This has only been to the field once and was used to hold my binos. Super light and strong, can hold up to 85lb. Perfect shooting/spotting tripod for someone 6’2” or under. You taller fuckers need the bigger ones! Take a look at the photos and let me...
  17. SBGreen0369

    WTS: BNIB Badger USMC 30MOA Lugged base $165

    Purchased this for a project that didn’t materialize. Spec lugged rail for M40A3/5/6 builds $165 shipped via USPS Priority
  18. SBGreen0369

    SOLD: NEW RRS AUX Plate for AX AICS chassis

    Delivered from RRS this week. Hasnt left my garage. this version is NOT interchangeable with the factory AI rifle chassis ONLY the AX AICS. $70 shipped via USPS Priority
  19. SBGreen0369

    SOLD: AX AICS for Rem700 SA w/ Hoptic & RRS AUX

    Purchased this chassis on here a few back as an unaltered AX AICS pale brown SA. Sent to Mike Fiesta at Tier One Defense and had him completely disassemble and re-cerakote in desert sand. Fore end was shortened by 2 keymod sections (approx 2.5”) to accommodate the 16” barreled action shown in...
  20. SBGreen0369

    SOLD: 30mm Larue mount

    used but fully functional mount as follows: Used - "Shows some signs of wear, small dings, minor cosmetic marks" If you would like specific photos of a mount, please shoot me a PM with your cell # and i will get them to you ASAP. 1,2) ERATAC 34mm 20MOA 1.54" mounts - $250 shipped/ea 3) Larue...