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    Glock stuff, USP45 mags, random bullets.

    $50 glock trigger, $75 with connector, $25 slide stop for 43, VG2 $30, all the bullets for $30. $30 USP mags. I didn’t look up prices so feel free to lowball me.
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    Surefire weaponlights and DG switch.

    XC1 lights $75 shipped ea. X300 $75 shipped. DG19 $75 shipped.
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    AR sights, parts, accessories.

    Brownells BCG never fired $95 shipped. Slick side chrome. MOE VFG I have two, this one hasn’t been used the other has $25 shipped. KAC trigerguard, $35 shipped I have 2 SDCs, $200 or trade for SDEs White Oak extensions, the special kind look them up $60 for both, and I want to trade the...
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    Holsters. Lots of them.

    For G19, G48, P9, USP45, 1911. I also have a huge stack of extra hardware I don’t know goes with what but primarily raven concealment. Shoulder holsters by Alessi, USP45 and Kahr P9. $175 each shipped. extra hardware available after the holsters Are sold, in bulk $50 G19 and G48 various...
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    Who has experience with 100% suppressed ARs?

    I’ve done a few, but SBR. Looking to do 16.5” rifle gas barrels with an Allen Engineering AE22. Rifle stock also. Going to use the Spikes gas block with integral taper. Anyone ever done anything like that?
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    WTT: Geissele SD-C and HSNM for SD-Es

    Preferably with the SD-C extra spring. Triggers are lightly used and the HSNM hasn’t even seen live fire. HSNM has a box, SD-C is in a bag.
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    Badger 34mm 1.375” rings

    Used, excellent condition, packed loose with no accessories or factory packaging. $165 shipped.
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    WTS: Proof SS 18” 223 Wylde Unfired Barrel

    1/7 rifle gas, cut rifled. I have opened the box but didn’t lift the barrel out. Decided to go with a shorter barrel. $400 shipped.
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    WTS: R700 .532 trued long action

    Built by Longview Class III Arms in Texas. Big knob, thick recoil lug (drilled for pin but someone lost the pin when it was taken down) and black finish, unsure what kind. Has some wear from hunting. Nightforce 40MOA rail. $450 shipped. I’ve listed the AI AX chassis that came with it separately.
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    WTS: AI AX Chassis R700 Long Action *SPF*

    Green, folding, one magazine. Used but good condition. $1000 shipped. Will list the action and barrel separately.
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    Free barrel if you’ll SBR your AI AT.

    I’ve been trying to sell a 16” Rock MTUish SS barrel, 10 twist with 400 rounds fired. Cut by unknown smith for an AW. It’s cut down from an 18” OPS 3rd model setup to 16.25, but I didn’t decide on a thread pattern before I sold my AW. Threads would clean up the last of the OPS profiling but...
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    WTB: Surefire FA556AR/M4FA compensator

    Can’t find mine so I have to buy another, that way the first one will turn up somewhere I’ve already looked and I’ll have two.
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    WTS: AXMC and barrels

    FDE AXMC, never fired. No box but I have a factory fitted case for the AW that I could provide at additional cost. Comes with factory accessories as shipped. I have three barrels: Hawk Hill 27” MTU 300 Norma with 3/4x24 threads (installed in picture), AI 20” FDE 338 Norma (Unfired) and a pale...
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    WTS: AXMC SFP bolt

    $820. Black. Never fired. Real estate opportunity forces sale.
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    WTS/WTT: Wilcox Raptar ES

    Have a real estate opportunity so I need to free up some cash, but I would also trade for a MAWL EC2 or perhaps SR25 stuff. New condition with opened box. Less than an hour on it and ever mounted. $2800 or trade.
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    WTS: Elcan SpectreDR 5.56 FDE NIW

    New in wrap, FDE, 5.56. $1700 shipped. PayPal F&F or PMO.
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    WTS: KAC take off sights.

    Came at noon today on an SR-25 upper. Took them right off. Never fired. $200 shipped. Prefer PayPal but will do PMO.
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    WTB: Surefire 762K muzzle devices.

    More interested in a brake but I will take what I can get.
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    Mounting PVS-30 to hunting stocks.

    Without getting a massive forend, what are my options for mounting a PVS-30? Application would be a 300-PRC hunting rifle. Looking for something sleeker than an MCS-T stock.
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    Colt CM762 (Unfired)

    Unfired/LNIB except without plastic bag. $2500 or trade towards ZCO MPCT2, TT G3XR optics or ATACR 1-8 or for an Aimpoint T2/magnifier and cash. Would also consider trades for KAC rifles.