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  1. HeavyAssault

    The epitome of crisis panic profiteering.....

    WTF is wrong with people!!!! Cause people just need it....
  2. HeavyAssault

    Bitcoin Ops: Diamond in the rough....or Fool's Gold???

    Been thinking of getting into the Bitcoin pool. I'm gaining some very elementary knowledge on the how to's and what to do's. I don't need the conspiracy theories or other type of rhetoric about it. Save that for another person. Anyone willing to give some basic advice about the whole deal...
  3. HeavyAssault

    When stereotypes are it wrong??

    Circa 2003, Uncle Sam funded trip to Japan: Yokohama proper. Outside a restaurant inside a local area hotspot. We found this and just couldn't believe it really happens. This wasn't staged....LOL
  4. HeavyAssault

    Just needs paint and a woman's touch

    Not too bad of shape.... Hole for sale in AZ
  5. HeavyAssault

    McMillan Stock and first impressions

    So I wanted to do some work on my .223 bolt Rem. Got a trigger a bit ago and since the stock was coming off figured I'd go with some decent upgrade to save weight. I'm not a chassis fan, so I wanted a "regular" rifle stock. McMillan seemed to have a decent selection and pricing wasn't too...
  6. HeavyAssault

    Weapons/Valuables storage safes/vaults

    Since there is always gun talks going on I never really saw anything about safes/vaults. I'm going to be buying something soon but it's always too much info good/bad about brands and quality on the web. Liberty has a great marketing plan with plenty of decent products. Plenty people say they...
  7. HeavyAssault

    26" 1:9 .223 Remington 700 XCR Tactical

    Can I swap out the bottom metal to run a 5 or 10 shot magazine?? Thanks I do need to swap the trigger out as well. I already have a TT in hand.
  8. HeavyAssault

    T5Xi 5-25X56 vs (others) under $1800

    Looking to see what the masses would consider a good "other" optic to consider for a Seekins PH1 6.5CM. Found the T5Xi at a $$ great price, seriously considered a Vortex in the same (sort of) specs but wasn't sure about the $$$$ price. My only hang up with some scopes is the Christmas tree...
  9. HeavyAssault

    Chamber Rem 700 SA .223 Rem to .223 Wylde??

    I'm not sure of the specific terminology so give me a pass. I'd like to have my 700 in .223 Rem changed to a .223 Wylde chamber. I'd think it's possible but would it be the best option?? Thanks.
  10. HeavyAssault

    Help w/Ruger M77 MKII scope rings (30-34mm)

    I'm sure a few peeps here remember these good ol' rigs. I found a rail attachment that might work for what I want but i wasn't sure about the overall height with other brand rings compared to the Ruger style rings. Anyone have some good feedback about the Weigand stuff? Weigand
  11. HeavyAssault

    BWB= GTG

    Contacted member about item for sale. All terms agreed. Item as described. Would do business again! @BWB
  12. HeavyAssault

    Private Messages

    Do I need to have a certain number of posts to be able to send another member a PM??
  13. HeavyAssault

    6.5 PRC research leads to questions

    Pretty sure this is the right section since I'm asking more about ammo/loads/barrel life. In my recent research about the 6.5PRC I need to clarify some reading. A) Muzzle velocities over 3000 fps in regular use can lead to shortened barrel life. B) The 3000 fps+ muzzle velocity is most likely...