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  1. keith5579

    Brass and bullets

    The link is not working for me.
  2. keith5579

    SOLD wts remington 700 long action stainless std bolt face

    You don't happen to have a short action for sale do you?
  3. keith5579

    TBAC Ultra 5 or 7

    Unfortunately not. I'm sending you a message.
  4. keith5579

    TBAC Ultra 5 or 7

    I can bring both for you to try out if you're shooting the AP match this weekend.
  5. keith5579

    Hornady 103 Gr ELD X (6mm) Results?

    I'm curious to see some feedback as well. I'm really close to putting together a 6mm of some type for hunting applications.
  6. keith5579

    Free Thunderbeast Cert

  7. keith5579

    Shorter cans for rifle

    My wife has an Ultra 7 (6.5 cal.) and it's an awesome can. Nice balance between size and suppression. I have the Ultra 5 awaiting ATF's blessing. Should be approved in a couple months. I'm looking forward to the shorter length for hunting and competition use.
  8. keith5579

    MPA pics

    And green
  9. keith5579

    MPA pics

    This one started off black.
  10. keith5579

    Precision em!!

    A/O built 6 Dasher Tuebor action Rock barrel @ 26'' MPA Competition chassis Huber Concepts trigger Nightforce ATACR
  11. keith5579

    Drag Bag for dragging

    I have the Tactical Tailor drag bag. I can't vouch for how it drags, but I can say its a nice bag that is designed for one rifle. It also has three external pockets for miscellaneous gear. It's well built.
  12. keith5579

    Thunder beast group buy?

    I just posted a half off cert in the classifieds if anyone is interested.
  13. keith5579

    Clem, GA Bi-Monthly PRS Suppressor Only Match

    I'm in for this match. Lets hope it is a little less wet this weekend than last weekend...