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  1. EscapeVelocity

    WTB: CZ 455/457 factory 17 hmr barrel with iron sights

    Just fishing to see if anyone has any available they dont need. Preferably want the training rifle sights with the graduated rear sight, but just the standard irons will be fine. I may consider a heavy barrel also.
  2. EscapeVelocity

    WTS: CZ 457 varmint walnut stock (new takeoff) $75

    Just took it off my new 457 varmint, so it has the heavy barrel channel. It comes factory with aluminum pillars installed. Beautiful stock, I just dont want to beat it up. $95 shipped in the continental US. Paypal (ff or you pay the fees) or USPS money order.
  3. EscapeVelocity

    WTS: KRG Xray SA R700 w/ magpul mag $400 shipped

    As the title says. I've also included a a set of trimmed action screws on case one needs some. Comes with a magpul 5 round mag (it's rough but works fine). I'm looking to sell but the only trade I'll consider is a Bravo for CZ 457, or a scope rail plus cash for the same gun. $400 shipped...
  4. EscapeVelocity

    WTS: Howa 6mm Creed package *Price Drop

    I bought this package through my dealer from Howa (Legacy Sports) and its brand new. They had a special going on a package they put together. Comes with everything in the box from Howa. Specs: -6mm Creed "24 heavy threaded barrel with muzzle brake (thread protector included). It's the same as...
  5. EscapeVelocity

    WTS: R700 Remage 6.5 Creedmoor Criterion barrel

    6.5 Creedmoor, 24" Criterion heavy sporter (.705 muzzle diameter) 8 twist. Small shank. 150 rounds down the tube, and it's a tack driver with Hornady Precision Hunter 143eld-x (only one I tried). I just need a heavy match barrel now since I'm not hunting with this. $220 shipped. Paypal FF...
  6. EscapeVelocity

    WTS: McMillan Game Hunter ultra light R700 SA $450

    Remington 700 short action footprint. Very minor marks from use but still in very good shape. Very light stock. I also have bottom metal (remington hinged floor plate) to include if needed (.308 family calibers). $475 shipped for just the stock $550 shipped or bottom metal/ stock (Action...
  7. EscapeVelocity

    WTS: Cronus BTR 4.5-29x56 mil / rings/ caps/ level

    Used on a long range hunting rifle for a year after I bought it new. It's the mil/mil version with christmas tree reticle. Has very light marks on it from use, as you can see in the pics but very minor. Everything works and tracks great. Includes: - Vortex Precision rings - vortex low pro...
  8. EscapeVelocity

    WTS: Vortex Strike Eagle 4-24x50 moa/moa illuminated $225

    I love these scopes but don't need it at the moment. It's a second focal plane scope, moa/moa, illuminated, and pretty decent glass. Tracks really well and it focuses down to 25 yards. I've shot matches with my Creed and 22lr with this and it did well. Asking $225 shipped conus, paypal or USPS...
  9. EscapeVelocity

    WTS: Tikka T3x CTR 6.5 Creed $775 shipped

    I bought this and put right at 100 rounds through it for a load development. It shoots the 140 ELD just under .5" at 100 yards (5 shot groups) with 41.8 H4350. Planned on adding a KRG and keeping for a while but it's bow season now and I need some gear.... I do this every year it seems. It's...
  10. EscapeVelocity

    WTS: Tikka T3x CTR stock/mag/bm $125 shipped

    It's hardly been used at all. It's a 6.5 Creed. I'm selling the stock, mag, and bottom metal for $145 shipped tyd conus. Paypal or USPS money order please.
  11. EscapeVelocity

    WTS: Savage 10 Short Action w/ accutrigger $200 shipped

    I've got an action I took off my Savage Model 10 SA. It's a top bolt release, 4.4 bolt spacing, .308 ( or similar caliber) bolt face, and oversized bolt handle. Has the factory accu trigger with it. I also have a Northland Shooter Supply stainless precision recoil lug and barrel nut I'll add...
  12. EscapeVelocity

    WTS: Vortex Viper HD 20-60x80 angled spotting scope $425 shipped

    I've had this for a while but rarely ever use it. It's in excellent shape with the box, and lens covers. $450 shipped conus. Paypal or USPS money order please.
  13. EscapeVelocity

    WTS: Savage McMillan stock SA $390 shipped

    I took this off my Savage 10 McMillan short action. It's in really good shape. It's a 4.4 bolt spacing, top bolt release, factory savage inlet for bottom metal and DBM. It had plenty of clearance for a heavy varmint Shilen contour barrel. $390 shipped conus. Paypal or USPS money order please.
  14. EscapeVelocity

    WTS: Tikka t3x Varmint 223 w/ 20 moa rail $680 shipped

    All factory with the box and papers. I bought it to shoot varmints and a match and have about 200 rounds down the barrel. It shoots 75 bthp's like a laser. Comes with an OuterImpact 20 moa rail. This is a 24" barrel with an 8 twist. Asking $680 shipped to your FFL within continental US, and...
  15. EscapeVelocity

    WTS: Tikka T1X 22lr $380 shipped

    I bought it earlier in the summer, and now need some funds for other stuff. It's a tack driver with lots of ammo. I've shot .25" groups with good ammo, and .75" groups with bulk ammo. It likes just about anything. Comes with box and 25 moa DIP rail. Take $25 off if you don't want the rail...
  16. EscapeVelocity

    WTS: Tikka T1X $380 shipped

    I bought it earlier in the summer, and now need some funds for other stuff. It's a tack driver with lots of ammo. I've shot .25" groups with good ammo, and .75" groups with bulk ammo. It likes just about anything. Comes with box and 25 moa DIP rail. Take $25 off if you don't want the rail...
  17. EscapeVelocity

    WTS: Badger Rings 34mm med (1.25 height) $100 shipped

    I took these off my Steiner because I sold it, so I dont need them. Extremely solid rings. 4 screws in each ring. $100 shipped conus. PayPal please.
  18. EscapeVelocity

    WTS: Steiner t5xi 5-25x56 w/ tenebarex covers $1275

    Updated turrets, and in good shape. Includes tenebraex covers and the box w/ sunshade. Tracks great. It's pictured with badger rings (1.125" height) I'll include for $100. $1275 shipped conus. Paypal please ff or add the fees.
  19. EscapeVelocity

    WTS: Athlon Midas Tac 6-24 (moa) $460 shipped

    In very good shape and used less than a year. Just offloading to fund a rifle. Includes box and the stuff that came in it. Doesn't include rings. $460 shipped Conus, PayPal please.
  20. EscapeVelocity

    WTS: (2) Savage picatinny scope rail $20 each or $35 both

    One is a weaver extended rail and one is an unmarked rail but seems to be made a steel. Both come with screws to mount. $25 for each or $40 for the pair shipped. Paypal please.