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    Terminus. Zeus or Apollo

    Likely will be running MDT 12rnd mags. Possibly AW (if Zeus as Apollo is aics) if it doesn’t take a lot of tweaking to get aw working. When you add in the full dlc, the price is basically the same. So, which is the better choice? Anyone that had a Zeus with the updated smaller bolt diameter...
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    Fx120 w/v3 complete setup and extras.

    This was a v2 that was upgraded to v3. Had 419 clear lid. I’ll also throw in the area 419 and any other 419 accessories (straw, v2 throw body) that I can find in. $900 for it all.
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    XLR Envy Pro JV kit

    Haven’t really liked or disliked XLR in the past. But I got to mess around with the full JV comp package (full interior and exterior weights and nvg hood). It’s pretty damn nice. Ordered one for a lone peak I have being spun up. I really like the scallops in the exterior weights and in the...
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    WTB Melonited/nitrided GAP Tempest W/Standard Bolt

    Anyone have one with a .308 bolt before I order from GAP? Looking for action only at the moment. Thanks
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    460pcs brand new lapua 6br brass

    $400 shipped for it all.
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    6.5cm Lapua once fired approx 800 pcs

    From Berger factory ammo. I’ll have to count it to be exact. But selling at a fire sale price, so close to 800 should be good for now. Not interested in splitting up at this time. Unknown if same lot or not. $550 shipped
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    Atlas 5h bipod

    Atlas 5h bipod. perfect shape. Has the clamp I took off my thunderbeast bipod. Very similar to the adm clamp. $350 shipped I’ll get pics up at some point. But looks like every other atlas 5h. Comes with the locking pin, clamp mentioned, and nothing else.
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    Labradar hardly used.

    Used like 3 times. Been in trunk mostly. Might have a few scuffs. I’ll have to look at it. I’ll get pics at some point. But it looks like every other labradar out there. No accessories. Just the radar and whatever is left of the box if it’s still intact. $450 shipped
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    GAP Tempest or Ultimatum Deadline

    Anyone have experience with both of these to give a comparison? Already have a Lone Peak for a 90 deg throw. Looking to add a 60deg (not curtis as I’ve tried them and want to give something else a shot) that will run AW mags reliably. Will be going into a KMW Sentinel with IMB.
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    Question on Spin Drift experiment

    So, people are always going back and forth on spin drift and how much it is in real life vs calculators. How much it matters at 1k, etc. Has anyone ever experimented say in a warehouse that is 1k yds with a rail mounted or secured rifle? Obviously finding an empty warehouse that long isn’t...
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    Hate waiting for tumbler or dryer, or media separating? Me too

    So, I like to be able to prep brass when I want. Not put in tumbler. Then either dryer or media separater, etc etc. Whichever your preferred cleaning method. We clean to be able to run brass in dies and chambers without problems. Anything more to get shiny is aesthetics. So, here is my brass...
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    Best target cam for the price?

    So, I have a private place locally I can use out to about 950yds. My work schedule only gives me a few hours of daylight in the morning, so being as efficient as possible gather dope/data is important. Looking to save myself 10min trips to drive down, check, paint, etc. Especially on days that...
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    Suggestions and equipment for torture test

    So, shortly I will be receiving a Hoplite rifle to put through paces and see what it can do and what improvements (if any) could be recommended. Looking for some input on what accidents or happenstances you have seen or have actually had happen to your or someone else’s rifle. Basically, any...
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    WTB Kmw Sentinel or Gunwerks Verdict

    Looking for either in SA RH. Must fit a lone peak or vudoo action (fitting one or the other is fine). KMW must have the internal mounting block. PM me with details, price, and pics. Thanks
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    Most underrated equipment

    Since we were talking about overrated, what are some things you find underrated or overlooked? Mandrels and Hydro press. I find using mandrels to control neck tension and hydro press to monitor seating pressure have dropped my ES into single digits almost overnight. While this isn’t anything...
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    It’s time to start putting parallax on the right side.....

    So, it’s generally accepted that for efficiency of motion and such, using your strong side hand is the proper way to dial turrets. You already break your grip to run the bolt so it’s more efficient to use that hand for anything not support related. Your support hand does just that, supports...
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    GAP Production Rifle

    Haven’t seen a thread on here about this yet. This is a deal regardless of shooting production or not.
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    What’s your idea of the perfect Rimfire optic?

    Forget price. That’s a whole other discussion. What would you like to see if you could design the perfect optic for Rimfire? If you want to play along (lots of manufacturers read this forum, so it’s a good way to get the info out there) list: What discipline you shoot (nrl22, .22prs, f class...
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    Good Video

    Not a big TH fan, but this is a good video.
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    AI-AT folder w/small firing pin.

    This is my backup AI. But gotta make some room for a couple new rifles. 2015 year, but lightly used. Have the following barrel options: Proof steel 24” 6.5cm with <200 rnds Redbeard Gunworks 6.5cm barrel w/30rnds Brand new 26” Bartlein .308 Pricing is as follows: AI no barrel: $3200 AI...