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  1. chevytruck_83

    Fn spr $1000

    Sorry. Rifle is sold. I ended up buying another though since I missed it.
  2. chevytruck_83

    TRG 22 full kit *SPF*

    Why not chamber the trg in 6bra.
  3. chevytruck_83

    TRG 22 full kit *SPF*

    Just send the trg out to short action customs and have them chamber it in 6.5x47. You will not be disappointed.
  4. chevytruck_83

    AX 2013 AX 338 Off the market

    What kind of trades are you interested in?
  5. chevytruck_83

    WTB: GA-Precision GAP-10 in 308 caliber

    Someone just posted a les Baer ar 10 in 308. As accurate an ar10 as you will find.
  6. chevytruck_83


    How is this still available? I had hawk hill chamber one of their barrels in 6bra for the impact precision. It shoots awesome, recoil feels like it’s somewhere between a 22magnum and a 223 and 6bra has a good barrel life. By the way. Fire forming loads arent a waste of barrel life or time. Most...
  7. chevytruck_83

    Fn spr handload?

    This will likely be what I end up doing as well. I figured I’d give cheap prepped brass and bulk bullets a try first. Since the gun and cartridge have been out for a very long time I thought it would be worth asking. I found a 223 recipe for my ar that shoots frequently under an inch at 200...
  8. chevytruck_83

    Fn spr handload?

    I have a fn spr a5 on its way. Looking for recipes on whats been working for you guys. I had one and sold it a little while back that I had good luck with 125 tnt and 175 smk
  9. chevytruck_83

    Sako trg twist rate by serial #?

    I’m interested in a used sako trg 42 in 338 lapua. The gentleman wasn’t sure what the twist rate is but he was kind enough to give me the serial number. Can I tell by the serial number what twist rate it is?
  10. chevytruck_83

    WTS new Bighorn TL3 short action price drop

    Any interest in a Springfield saint pistol plus cash? 223 1x7 twist Wilde change. Actually found a handload it shoots very well. Free bump if not.
  11. chevytruck_83


    Personally I think it’s hard to beat the savages or tikka t3. Every savage I’ve ever owned proved extremely accurate. Certainly accurate enough to Hunt white tail if I was spending thousands of dollars of hunting trips I would consider a sako trg...
  12. chevytruck_83

    JP AR10 6.5creed trigger tech etc

    Looking to trade a fantastic rifle that I just don’t shoot. Thought I’d get a chance to shoot prs semi auto competitions but with two young boys priorities change. The rifle has a matched Aero precision m5 upper and lower, JP precision cryogenic match 6.5 creedmoor 1:8 twist barrel with blended...
  13. chevytruck_83

    Precision em!!

    Finally finished it. Impact precision action, hawk hill 6bra barrel, manners elite stock xtreme trigger, arc m10 rings and the new nxs 4-32. Can’t wait to start tuning the 6bra.
  14. chevytruck_83

    Precision em!!

    Waiting on my hawk hill 6bra barrel.
  15. chevytruck_83

    Wanted. 30mm dovetail rings.

    Looking to buy 30mm dovetail rings that will allow a 56mm objective scope to mount to my rifle.
  16. chevytruck_83

    Torque spec for prefit shouldered barrel?

    Is there a standard torque spec for a prefit shouldered barrel or should I just email the action manufacturer?
  17. chevytruck_83

    School me on 6 creedmoor vs 6.5 creedmoor for hunting/long range/PRS applications

    Next year there will be a 6mm creedmoor ai that will be the latest greatest. It’s gonna use 87 grainers for even less recoil. ;)