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  1. Long Range 338

    Red Flag Laws are BS

    What part of any Red Flag law provides due process BEFORE taking away a citizens rights? All this "common sense" is just going to get innocent law abiding citizens killed right up until it blows up in somebody's face...
  2. Long Range 338

    Kid Rock?

    Scrolling thru YouTube watching videos while I work and this was the part of the video that comes up. Maybe I'll be a fan after all.
  3. Long Range 338

    WTB TT5-25 w/MTC Turrets

    Surely one of you needs to upgrade... Let me know what you have
  4. Long Range 338

    Sig Ammo Military Contract

    I see Sig just received a contract for 300 WM sniper ammo. They are really becoming a force to be reckoned with. Anybody have experience with their ammunition?
  5. Long Range 338

    224 Valkyrie 75gr Option

    Found this video from JP about 75gr 224 Valkyrie loads. If you watch to the end he has some groups that are ridiculously accurate. Looks like a JP rifle is gonna have to be in my future.... Dammit.... ETA: Interesting that JP finds the 75gr Valkyrie load is flatter than his 6.5CM at 1000.
  6. Long Range 338

    Guns are SCARY!!!

    Foolish thought but follow me on this. Hollywood and the media love stories of Vampires, Werewolves, Post Apocalyptic themes, zombies, ghouls, goblins, ghosts, dinosaurs created from DNA, flying sharks, psychopaths, sociopaths, etc. and the actors who participate in these projects are the first...
  7. Long Range 338

    Is HBN worth the effort or is it snake oil?

    Moly was always too much effort with not enough return. Now that HBN has been around a while is there a general consensus on realized benefits? HBN was touted to extend barrel life, lower SD, increase BC, no cold bore offset. All with no downside. Are these true or myth?
  8. Long Range 338

    Prime Ammo Kudos

    I just wanted to post a shout out to Jim at Prime Ammo. I was in the office taking care of work and out of the blue I receive a call from Jim at Prime. First Jim thanks me for purchasing their products in the past and how much they appreciate the support they received during their recent bout...
  9. Long Range 338

    Sasquatch Mission for Lowlight

    Was watching Netflix late last night and came across a movie called Discovering Bigfoot. I've got to say I'm doubting Lowlights' claims that the Sasquatch is now extinct due to his hunting... The guy in the film needs a better camera man and even though he says he's some kind of badass snipery...
  10. Long Range 338

    Ballistic Calculator History

    We've all been doing it all wrong...
  11. Long Range 338

    SOLD-FS KRG W3 Rem 700 SA - Willing to Trade for Quality Optic

    As stated in title KRG Whiskey 3 non folder for Rem 700 SA. Has been cerakoted bluish grey, looks professionally done with a smooth finish. This is a used chassis with some very minor scratches just in front of the magazine well on the fore end. Was missing the action screws but I just...
  12. Long Range 338

    FS KRG Whiskey 3 Rem 700 SA - SOLD

    I've got 2 and only need 1. Here are the details: I've got one spigot mount the will work for either BNIB for $100 as well. BNIB Whiskey 3 Gen 6 Sako Green Folder $ 1,200 shipped Used Whiskey 3 Gen 5 non folder cerekote bluish grey $750 shipped
  13. Long Range 338

    Suppressors, lightweight or durable?

    OK guys so after shooting this weekend with a guy who runs suppressed, I now know that I am a heathen and must repent... I know very little about how the different types/designs effect overall use. My gut tells me that lightweight should impact my loads and point of aim the least, but as I...
  14. Long Range 338

    blbennett1288 is GTG

    Great comms, willing to work out a square deal, no drama
  15. Long Range 338

    Wind kicks my A$$

    First real opportunity to go out last weekend and try for some LR steel, very disappointed with my results. 15-20 MPH winds and instead of using my brain, I got worked up and just let 'em fly... what a waste of 20 rounds! The bad part is that the targets are 5' off the ground with no mounds...
  16. Long Range 338

    Horus Ballistic App

    I noticed the Horus ballistic app available for download over the weekend so I downloaded it just to play around. I won't have time to use it in a real world scenario for a couple of weeks but wondered if others had? Looks to be built specifically for using the Horus reticles as ballistic...
  17. Long Range 338

    Better than IOR?

    Apparently the Russians are on to something here, taking a few notes and making things better. I can't find the original article that touted the fantastic glass, 40mm main tube, amazing turrets, built in rangefinder, amazing reticle design, and tank like durability but you can get one here...
  18. Long Range 338

    Best Bullet for 300 RUM?

    I've got a Rem 700 Sendero in 300 RUM. I've tried a few different bullets with the heaviest being the Hornady 208gr. Accuracy has been "meh" around an inch with nothing being outstanding or terrible. What have you guys had good success with in factory barrels?
  19. Long Range 338

    6.5 CM Winchester 125gr OTM Ammunition?

    Has anybody tried out this ammunition yet? The price looks great and velocity is pretty good at 2850 fps but the BC is a little disappointing at .365. Might be good for reduced recoil?
  20. Long Range 338

    FS: Atlas BT21 TRG Bracket

    Got a new unused BT21 picatinny rail adapter for TRG 22/42. It wouldn't fit the barrel channel with the fat barrel so it needs a new home. $45 shipped.