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    ISO Dasher Headspace Gauge

    I'm looking for a 6mm Dasher go gauge if anyone has one they'd be willing to rent or sell to me. I just want to confirm the headspace of a shouldered pre-fit barrel on my action. If you have a gauge you're not currently using but want to keep, I'd be willing to pay you to rent the gauge for a...
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    WTS Impact Precision 737R 6BR Barreled Action

    Working on a new build and looking to sell my Impact Precision to help fund it. I love the action, it's hands-down one of the best on the market, I'm just moving to something with controlled round feed. If Impact Precision made a CRF action I'd buy it today. The barrel is a 26" Krieger heavy...
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    WTT M5 Mausingfield Rail - My 30 MOA For Your 20 MOA

    I've got an M5 Mausingfield with a 30 MOA rail currently attached, and I'd like to have a 20 MOA rail instead. If you have a 20 MOA rail and would prefer to have a 30 MOA rail, then we're a perfect match. If you don't want to trade but just want to buy my rail, we can work something out too.
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    WTB Mausingfield Barrel

    Looking for a barrel for a Mausingfield action, preferably chambered in 6 Dasher but any BR variant will do for me realistically. I'm trying to compare a Mausingfield I picked up to my current Impact without also purchasing a brand new barrel in the process.
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    Thunderbeast Muzzle Brakes and Vortex/Leupold Scope Rings

    Just have a couple extra items left laying around in my safe that I'm looking to be rid of if anyone is interested in them. Prices include shipping, buyer covers fees (+3% for PP G&S, +0% for F&F or Venmo). 2x Used Thunderbeast Compact Brake, 5/8x24 threading - $70/ea SOLD Used Leupold Mk4...
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    Looking for Chassis Advice

    I'm looking to pick up a chassis to use in PRS matches next year and I've narrowed it down to 3 options but can't really seem to set one apart as the clear choice. I know the answer is probably that any of these options would work great, but where's the fun in that? I'll go into what I like and...
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    Mags, XLR Parts, Muzzle Brakes, Scope Rings, and More

    I've got a fair few items to list tonight with a little mix of everything. Just clearing out room in my safe for guns instead of gun parts. Full list of items is here at the top to make things easy, prices first and pics are down below. All prices include shipping. Any other questions feel free...
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    SOLD: XLR Envy Heavy Fill w/ Upgrades

    SOLD Looking to sell or trade my XLR Envy JV Heavy Fill Chassis. Asking price for the chassis plus all the extras is $1,050. Asking price for the chassis alone with the solid buffer tube and tactical buttstock is $700. Optional (from XLR) extras that will be included with my XLR chassis: Palm...
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    SOLD Timney Calvin Elite Single Stage

    $150 shipped SOLD Used Calvin Elite single stage, right hand with curved black trigger.
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    My Muzzle Brake is Stuck

    The threading on my muzzle and the brake appears to not match perfectly, and when I went to go remove it I found that it was stuck (only installed a day ago, so it hasn't seized or anything like that). Any tips for removing it? My current gameplan was to just lock the chassis in a vice or take...
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    Impact Precision Trigger Hangar for TriggerTech Diamond?

    My Impact Precision action recently arrived and I was wondering if anyone knew what the proper trigger hangar to use with a TriggerTech Diamond was? I briefly tested the 0 and -15 trigger hangars that came with the action, but they both resulted in a pretty bad hitch on close where the action...
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    WTB: Spuhr Mount (34mm Rings, 3/6MIL Cant, 30mm Height)

    Looking to pick up a Spuhr mount with 34mm rings, 30mm height, and either 3 or 6 MRAD of cant if anyone has one lying around. Send a PM with a price if you're interested in selling please.
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    WTS 8 Pounds CFE BLK, 5 Pounds RL-15 (Eastern Colorado)

    Looking to move some extra powder I haven't gotten around to using with no immediate plans in the future. Both jugs are unopened, and I can meet up pretty much anywhere between Colorado Springs and Cheyenne for interested parties. 8 Pounds Hodgdon CFE BLK - $150 5 Pounds RL-15 - $100
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    S&B 5-25 PMII Warranty Question

    I recently purchased a used S&B 5-25 PMII and was trying to figure out what the warranty situation looked like, though I don't imagine the need to use it should ever arise. I've heard conflicting reports ranging from a 2-year warranty all the way up to a 20 year warranty, though it looks like...
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    FS: Athlon Ares ETR MRAD (SOLD)

    I love the scope, but I found a S&B PMII with a Tremor3 in it that I just can't pass up so it's got to go to free up some funds. Scope is in excellent condition with no marks anywhere (except perhaps under the rings), and will ship in the original packaging with all the assorted odds and ends...
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    Nucleus Light Primer Strikes

    This last weekend I had the chance to take my new Nucleus action out to the Gunwerks Monster Steel Challenge PRS match (big thanks to Traust for the positional bag I was lucky enough to pick up, it was on my to buy list already!) and put it through its paces when I noticed a few issues. I ran...
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    Making a 6BRA With a Dasher Reamer?

    I haven't had much experience with the specific process of chambering a rifle, but would it be possible to chamber a rifle in 6BRA using a 6 Dasher reamer? I ask because the 6 Dasher is the same thing as the 6 BRA, but with the shoulder moved out by 0.080", and you can just trim 0.080" off a...
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    New Defiance Action - Tenacity

    Did I have my head under a rock recently, or did Defiance just release a new action this week with no fanfare? I've been on their website several times in the past week, but I just saw it when I navigated to their homepage again today. Looks like...
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    LabRadar Bench Mount Troubles

    I'm having some really annoying problems with the LabRadar bench mount. The small plate that attaches to the LabRadar itself and then attaches to the base plate will not stay tight, no matter what I do. I'm referring to the little piece that you tighten down with a thumb screw. I've tried...
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    Custom Build Feedback

    I'm looking to put together my own custom build this coming summer and was hoping for some feedback on the parts I have selected for it to see if I'm missing something obvious (either literally missing parts or figuratively missing something better). My goal for this build is that it would be...