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    250 savage again

    finally got to work with the 250 savage some more after getting things in order. well i finally got a pound of reloader 17 to do testing with it too. so bought a box of Berger 115 gr match hunters, at the time that's the only heavy .257 bullet out there. after a couple of weeks here is where...
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    Accumount PE scope repair

    Anyone know who or where I can get mine repaired??????? Thanks SB Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    just put together savage 6.5 creedmoor

    here is my 6.5 creedmoor, short action savage, e.r. shaw 26" barrel. its shooting 1/2 moa or less with factory ammo (hornady) and recoil is so light wow !!!! hope to get out to thunder valley soon.
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    TVP SHORT COURSE 4/17/2011

    it was definitly a fun day with the winds sometimes breaking 30 mph at some of the shooting stations. made you work hard for those first shot hits no matter what the range was!!! all in all though we had a great time and i want to thank all the shooters for putting up with me and my portable...
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    targets for savage 110BA >338lm

    hey guys got out to shoot the twins today. here are a couple of my targets for my savage 110BA .338lm 92grs. h-1000 300gr. smk hornady brass winchester lrm primer
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    the twins - almost

    thought i would post a pic of my twins heh heh tk
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    savage 110ba .338 lapua magnum

    hawke 4.5x14x42 accutrigger and it shoots great
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    new savage 110ba .338 lapua magnum

    here is my new savage 110ba .338 lapua magnum. it shot 1/2" at 100 yards with hornady factory 250 gr hpbt ammo on initial sight-in. am working up 300 gr sierra's so hope to have it out soon.