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  1. Long Range 338

    In the market for a new can...

    I just received a couple and plan to put thru the paces. Made from solid titanium, great mounting system, user serviceable, reportedly very quiet, and also very light. Yes I must have swallowed some kool-aid! I've got a TB 338 to compare against as well as the Dead Air Nomad so we shall see...
  2. Long Range 338

    WTB TT5-25 w/MTC Turrets

    Surely one of you needs to upgrade... Let me know what you have
  3. Long Range 338

    Suppressor for Precision Bolt Action Rifle

    Agreed. Throw that bad boy on and test with it on and off and let us know how it works out for you. The suppressor on your rifle is going to work a lot better than the one in jail for the next 10 months!
  4. Long Range 338

    6.5 PRC vs 243AI

    Most would disagree with you on the purpose of using the improved case but your reasoning is correct as well. There is an additional benefit in increasing the shoulder angle there is less case stretching in each firing. My 243AI is running 105gr RDFs just below 3100fps and it is stellar. I...
  5. Long Range 338

    Ultrasonic Cleaner Cause MV Increase

    I've read that this is the case. Reportedly increases neck tension but hurts ES.
  6. Long Range 338

    6.5 PRC vs 243AI

    I grew up shooting mule deer and elk with a 6mm Rem. I wasn’t trying to do it at longer ranges however. The 6mm’s have plenty of power but you must consider bullet weight, bullet construction, and shot placement.
  7. Long Range 338

    What to see/do South Utah, SLC, and Yellowstone areas

    Hopefully you’ve got your lodging for the Yellowstone area lined up already. It turns into a real zoo mid summer. All the areas you listed are beautiful and you’ll want to see as much as possible. If you want to escape the people in the park, go about an hour out in any direction and it will...
  8. Long Range 338

    Why bdc and exposed turrets?

    Quigley is only for the real deal badass mother f-ers
  9. Long Range 338

    Stuck bolt

    Repeatedly chambering your spent brass is not going to help you. You should chamber resized brass or pull a bullet and chamber that piece. There is a reason for your high pressure. If you do not understand enough to check the chamber yourself, you should consult a knowledgeable individual...
  10. Long Range 338


    Short story is Evil SOB billionaire that loves to spend his time stealing freedoms, destroying currencies, and toppling governments. He is funding most of the socialist and progressive A-holes out there.
  11. Long Range 338

    Why bdc and exposed turrets?

    Its a distinct advantage to have the exposed turrets and a calibrated reticle of some kind. Depending on the situation you can use one or the other or in harmony with each other. Its fairly typical to dial for distance and hold for windage. In a situation with multiple targets at different...
  12. Long Range 338

    Stuck bolt

    If you are shooting different bullets its often recommended to clean your barrel before shooting a different bullet. I would suspect this is your issue but you would be well advised to try to check the ammo to verify it is built to spec. I wouldn't think 308 ammo would be tough to build in...
  13. Long Range 338

    .243 for PRS type comps

    243 is great, ballistic twin to the 6CM. If you’re looking for match ammo I would give the GECO a try
  14. Long Range 338

    How can a rifle shoot poorly at 100 but well at 1000?

    You’ve got some good advice here. I would take stock of yourself and expectations. Remove any variables and make sure the issue isn’t you the shooter. next trip out take a few minutes to go thru the rifle and check everything is as it should be. If results don’t improve talk to your smith...
  15. Long Range 338

    Is this where Red Flag goes?

    What do we expect from the communist indoctrination specialists, common sense?
  16. Long Range 338

    Speed Drop - Colby Hodnett

    I spent a fair amount of time listening to TH and learning his methodology. I was drinking the kool aid and ready to buy me a Tremor 2 (this was pre Tremor 3). TH is a charismatic and confidence promoting individual so it doesn't surprise me he has committed followers. The more I studied what...
  17. Long Range 338

    Cannot get 6.5 CM to feed in AI AXMC

    I've got the same issue even feeding 338LM, but only from the right side of the magazine. I discussed this with Mile High once and they told me to call in with the magazine in hand and they would try to talk me thru adjusting the feed lips correctly. If I recall correctly it is a fairly common...
  18. Long Range 338

    Big POI shift (Off the paper)--ist time supressor [SOLVED]

    If everything isn't tight you definitely had an issue
  19. Long Range 338

    Solution for spotting hits at 1000 yard and beyond

    I've read that grayish colors can tend to be easier to spot hits on steel, especially in bright conditions. I mentioned the shot marker because it would allow you to have a much larger targets than is feasible with steel making the spotting of misses easier as you would have more hits. But it...