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    Reloading press confessions...Dumb ass move while at the press.

    Well, just stopped the bleeding and need a break because my finger is sore as shit. Was just doing a major 223 decapping session. Ripping through casings pretty fast, only lowering the ram enough to get the case out and a new one in. After God knows how many it was getting pretty...
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    Short 22 pistol for suppressor?

    I assumed this would have been beat to death so I searched. Everything was fairly old. My form one will be in shortly and I'd like to have a shorty pistol host ready. What do you have that you like? I have a target bull barrel mark 2 being threaded but wanted something small and fun.
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    How deep are the threads on a threaded 22 barrel?

    Wondering if anyone can measure how deep the threaded section is on their 22 barrel. I don't see it listed on any of the spec sheets I have found on a quick search. I am going to thread one for the 10-22 and am wondering how far down to thread it. I would love to have a measurement. Thanks
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    VA only covers injuries in the US? This was posted on a whitewater forum I am on. Thought it would be prudent here. I had no idea the VA wouldn't provide coverage for you if you were traveling abroad. Seems like a good guy.
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    Bob Lee

    SWAGGER!! Fucker is getting old. Still getting it done though.
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    shot timer app

    wondering if there are any that work well or if I need to pony up for a dedicated box. Don't shoot timed drills to much but probably should start.
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    POI variance from shooter to shooter

    I never realized how different a zero one person could shoot from another on the same scoped rifle. I have set up a few hunting rifles for people and they have always been pretty well on for them. I set a buddy up who is getting into hunting and is a fairly new shooter that I have been...
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    A-10's over the house the last week or so, hell yeah!

    I love the Warthogs!! A pair has been flying over the house low and "slow" everyday around lunch for the last week or so. I don't know if they are doing spotting for the big fire that is burning a few miles away to get some air time or what. I have never seen them up here before but I hope...
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    Red Flag in CO one step closer

    Looks like it passed 7-4 yesterday and moving on to the house. Last ditch effort to write the house reps. I sent off my fourth letter this morning and made all the calls again but it time to start looking at moving I guess. I wonder what percentage of "us" actually get involved and even...
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    Copper Creek "Gas Gun loads" clone? (from scout)

    Trying to bring this over from scout. Not sure how it will look. Sergeant Rating: 3.1/5 this site 317 posts this site Anyone "duplicate" Copper Creek ammo? 04/25/2016 I just picked up a nice AR10. Looking to duplicate Copper Creek 308 gas gun ammo. I have the 175's...