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    Night Stalker tripod

    I just got in a night stalker bipod from night goggles. For $189 this tripod is awesome. Very adjustable, ball head is smooth with well positioned controls, and lightweight. Their website says 4-6 weeks, I got mine in 6 days
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    Picatinny arca

    Anyone know of a good Picatinny to Arca rail mount?
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    Surgeon DBM**NIB**

    Bought this for a build, but I went another direction. Comes with everything shown. $300 shipped
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    Mega AR10 .308 1:10 Barrel 20” SS $160 shipped

    I have three one Mega AR10 Barrel: 20. They are all .308 1:10 Twist barrels. 20" has been shot less than 100 rounds. Gas block screw marks on the underside of the barrel $250 for the 18" Shipped CONUS $200 $160 for the 20" Shipped CONUS All barrels have scratches and marks Please let me...
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    Sig P226 Elite SAO $700 shipped

    I bought this NIB about 3 weeks ago. Stuck it in a holster with the intent of going to the range, but never did. I like it, but it is too big for me to use as my daily carry. I did strip it down, clean and lube it up. This is a Single Action Only sig and has the factory Sig G10 grips. Comes...
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    300 rum

    We just finished building this Bergara Long Range Hunter in 300 RUM. I wanted to post up the rifle and this group shot with factory Barnes 165gr TTSX Specs: Bergara (Stiller) action Bergara SS barrel chambered in 300RUM 20MOA rail KDF Brake Timney trigger Badger M4 Trigger Guard...
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    App targets gun owners

    Check out this load of BS NRA-ILA | Outrage of the Week New App Targets Gun Owners
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    mcree question

    I have a R700 long action in 308 and want to drop it into a mcree or other chasis stock. If I do this, then can i use 308 ai mags or will I have to modify the chasis to make it work?
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    HK USP Compact 9mm at Gander Mountain

    i was at the opening of the new Gander Mountain in Valdosta, GA where I saw 5 or 6 used HK USP Compact 9mm for $499. Great deal for anyone in the area.
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    Skull airbush camo

    There was a guy who had his stock airbrushed in with skulls and I cannot find it. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Cheers
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    Single Point slings

    So I really like the Magpul MS3 sling. It's comfortable and generally easy to manipulate without having excess slack. The issue is that it is tough to tighten when in single point mode. I can loosen it fine, but tightening can be a pain. Any opinions or other options out there that are similar...
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    Kriss Vector Barrel

    How does the barrel attach on this thing? Does it thread on or bolt in? I am unable to find any pictures of one. I ask because I'm interested in one, but would like a 16" barrel and a shorty. Can anyone post pics? Thanks
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    Long range caliber opinion

    What are your opinions for the best long range caliber for 1000 yards and under. 338 Lapua is not on the list because it's too expensive for me to feed. Thanks!
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    buffer weights

    I have noticed different buffer weights. What's the point?
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    Bolt knob with 1/2 inch socket

    I've really wanted one of these. I have access to a cnc machine and would like to get these made. For it to be fees able I need to make 50 of them. This is not a group buy but rather a way for me to see if anyone would anyone be interested in this? 5/16 x 24 thread
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    Joining the Army in a year and need fitness tips

    Hey all, I've decided to join the army in a year. Why a year? It's because I want to get in better shape, it's the busy season at my job, and I have a dog that I love and have spent the last 4 years training to be my ultimate hunting partner. I will be spending that time getting my affairs in...
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    R700 AW magazine cut

    Does anyone have the specs or drawings on how the machine the R700 action to accept AW mags?
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    2" Rail Riser

    Anyone know where I can get a 2" long rail riser for my friend. He just got deployed. Thanks.
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    Chris reeve

    Any opinions as to what size sebanza to get? It's gonna be with me every day. I had a ZT 300 and it was a little big for everyday. Thanks
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    Crye precision field shell

    Any experience with this? How tough is it?