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    Can I use my shop press for a barrel vise?

    Yes, of course.
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    Rem 700 VSSF-P crown damage

    Cut off, taper end of flutes for aestetics, recrown.
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    Any 300 Win Mag fans?

    300 WinMag with 200gr Partition is absolutely devastating on whitetail spine and CNS. It bores a tunnel clear thru. Very, very impressive.
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    Back boring muzzle end of barrel

    Richard Franklin does that very thing to his 800 yard varmint rifles. Called quiet muzzle. And accuracy can actually improve. Go for it!
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    Dead RINO Deep State antics-good riddance MF'r

    I thought for sure the thread title would be about rino Murkowski. Nice to see proof on McStain, for his dipshit daughter to "defend".
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    The new 33XC & 37XC cartridges designed by David Tubb

    Sids01, The scenerio you are querying about has to do with what is called "factor of safety". And although your example(s) might pass your muster qualification, what is not presented is the diminshed structural integrity of the total package, with it's decreasing safety factor as we move in...
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    Mysteries to Ponder

    Why is there a fence around a cemetary?
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    Bolt doesn't close

    Which brand seater are you using?
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    .300 PRC vs .338 LM for 1500-2500 yards

    Roamin, The 250gr. would be the one to compare to the 300gr. Why? Sectional density and b.c. would need to be in the same ballpark.
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    Fix the Message

    Some things have already been written to explain that which is coming... ...think it not strange when these things begin to happen... and... ...there will be wars, and there will be rumors of war... already written, long ago. Stay calm, and keep yourself collected with these matters. You...
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    7mm 160 gr Accubond vs 160 gr Partition

    Tailor your shot to DRT.
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    300 guidance.

    Strange, I just did my driveway. Smoooth.
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    300 guidance.

    You could build a Bat HRPIC switch barrel with 2 bolts and run whatever you want.
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    I like belted mags, they ff automatically.
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    Cracking cases- need input

    Nosler has been exemplary in their diagnosis process. Cold temps cracking possibility due to cold short (not really likely, but possible), mechanical or chemical cracking, brass composition (not as likely), longitudinal striations in neck (a symptom) ? The reference to neck shoulder mechanical...
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    Cracking cases- need input

    Are you using ammonia based bore cleaner, like Sweets ?
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    Cracking cases- need input

    The brass might be experiencing a condition referred to as "cold short", which means brittle when cold.