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  1. chevytruck_83

    Fn spr handload?

    I have a fn spr a5 on its way. Looking for recipes on whats been working for you guys. I had one and sold it a little while back that I had good luck with 125 tnt and 175 smk
  2. chevytruck_83

    Sako trg twist rate by serial #?

    I’m interested in a used sako trg 42 in 338 lapua. The gentleman wasn’t sure what the twist rate is but he was kind enough to give me the serial number. Can I tell by the serial number what twist rate it is?
  3. chevytruck_83

    JP AR10 6.5creed trigger tech etc

    Looking to trade a fantastic rifle that I just don’t shoot. Thought I’d get a chance to shoot prs semi auto competitions but with two young boys priorities change. The rifle has a matched Aero precision m5 upper and lower, JP precision cryogenic match 6.5 creedmoor 1:8 twist barrel with blended...
  4. chevytruck_83

    Wanted. 30mm dovetail rings.

    Looking to buy 30mm dovetail rings that will allow a 56mm objective scope to mount to my rifle.
  5. chevytruck_83

    Torque spec for prefit shouldered barrel?

    Is there a standard torque spec for a prefit shouldered barrel or should I just email the action manufacturer?
  6. chevytruck_83

    Zeiss victory diavari 6-24x56 mildot

    Zeiss victory diavari 6-24x56 with mildot reticle. Come with box and papers. If your looking for a scope for that high end hunting rifle to give you the clarity your looking for late in the day this is your scope. Recently sold off some rifles and no longer need my hunting scope. $1400. Obo...
  7. chevytruck_83

    Allen size for xtreme mod-22 trigger?

    Can anyone help me find out what size Allen wrench is needed to adjust the sear engagement on the xtreme mod-22 triggers? I looked on their site and the only thing I found was to adjust the pull weight which is 2mm and slightly larger then the one I need.
  8. chevytruck_83

    Norma 6 dasher brass?

    Why does it seem like nobody likes the Norma 6 dasher brass? Seems most guys go through al the steps of hydroforming then fireforming lapua 6br. Is it that bad?
  9. chevytruck_83

    Fn spr $1000

    Rifle is an fn spr with Timney trigger picatinny rail for bipod installed using factory swivel stud locations and aftermarket adjustable cheek installed. Shoots 168 hornady, 175 SMKs, 168 Berger and my fun load for 300 in was 125 tnt which you can get for like $75/500. Rifle has about 900 rounds...
  10. chevytruck_83


    Looking to sell my criterion 28” bull contour barrel. Barrel is a savage prefit with barrel nut, threaded with a pva blast brake installed. Barrel with pva brake $350 200 lapua 3 or 4 times fired brass $50 $450 package deal with Forster bench rest seater and Whidden full length sizing die. Non...
  11. chevytruck_83


    For sale is my nucleus action with 308 bolt face. It’s currently mounted to a 6br criterion barrel with about 800 rounds fired. It shoots fantastic but I’m not crazy about the mechanical ejector and the small br case. It works but not my cup of tea. Would possibly consider trade for a different...
  12. chevytruck_83

    Fn spr tbm conversion worth it?

    I’m starting to realize the factory magazine isn’t very good. It only holds four and it loads very hard. So my question is, is the fn tbm magazine conversion any good and would it work with the problematic short fat rounds like the 6br or would I be better off buying parts for a build complete...
  13. chevytruck_83

    Fn spr fires when you rack the bolt fast? Help

    Just got a used fn spr a1. In the process of cleaning the barrel action etc. after getting it greased go through the motions racking the bolt to compare it to my other rifles and I noticed the firing pin releases once in a while when you rack the bolt quickly. It does have a timney trigger...
  14. chevytruck_83

    Zeiss victory fl diavari 1600$ with box

    As the title says I have a zeiss victory fl diavari 6-24x56 T*FL mil dot reticle for sale. Perfect condition. I just don’t hunt anymore and that’s what this scope was purchased for. When the suns going down and your trying to squeeze out those last few minutes before it’s time to pack it in...
  15. chevytruck_83

    Differences in a pistol and sbr??

    What qualifies a gun as a pistol instead of an sbr? I realize it’s usually weather or not it has a stock or brace but Is there an overall length that it cannot exceed? Are there any attachments that make a pistol an sbr? Like a forward hand grip or law folding stock adapter etc? I have a...
  16. chevytruck_83

    Tactical lra bipod vs f-class

    Both are extremely good Bipods. I’m not going to dig into which is better for each and every individual. I figured since I have one of each I would take pictures of them side by side collapsed and folded up, “collapsed”legs in shortest position” and down, legs in longest position and down and a...
  17. chevytruck_83

    Christensen arms carbon fiber ar15?

    I’ve read mixed reviews on the Christensen arms carbon ar15. I thought I’d ask the guys here what they thought. Held one at eurooptic and thought it felt like a decent rifle. Almost bought it but backed out because I don’t want to be disappointed. I love my jp rifles
  18. chevytruck_83

    Springfield saint pistol accuracy?

    Has anyone tried to see what kind of accuracy they can get out of this pistol? I realize it’s a cqb style gun but it seems like it has the makings to put decent groups down range to 150-200ish.
  19. chevytruck_83

    Why is the schm. Bender pm2 losing popularity?

    A lot of friends ask me what’s the best scope for long range. I typically tell them you can’t go wrong with the new razor. The kahles 624i the Nightforce BEAST or Bender pm2. I personally like the kahles but at the top it’s as much what appeals to you. I never know what to tell them when they...
  20. chevytruck_83

    New improved mausingfield...??

    This could be a beauty.