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    34mm Mount for AR10?

    Nightforce, Spuhr, Aero. Lot's of other's make 1.4-1.5" height extended mounts that you're looking for.
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    Official (DTA) SRS, HTI, Covert, Hunter Thread

    Fantastic. I reload for everything else, will be nice to just shoot factory ammo and enjoy it more.
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    Official (DTA) SRS, HTI, Covert, Hunter Thread

    Those with the 6.5 CM barrel, have you found most factory offerings shot well?
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    Correct. I can't remember if the metric or standard is what they use.
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    DMR Optic Suggestion

    Tough to beat the hdmr 3.5-21 for your purpose.
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    Rra lar8 mags are just thermold fal mags.
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    Form 4 wait time

    How long did it take from submission to check cashed? Submitted Jan 22 and they're not cashed yet.
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    Official (DTA) SRS, HTI, Covert, Hunter Thread

    Where have you guys purchased your DT's from? Any hide vendors? I'm looking for a SRS A2 6.5cm new or used.
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    Anybody shooting NRL22/PRS with a lighter weight Vudoo?

    I've won a lot of matches with a Savage mkii against vudoos. It is easily under 6lbs and has a very short forend. It just takes more effort to "drive" it off the barricades compared to other, more dedicated rigs. With that said, I did upgrade to a Vudoo and it's much easier to reduce wobble...
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    Zco after almost a year

    I wish they came up for sale used more often!
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    Mount questions spuhr vs mpa vs ?

    Could you help me understand the thought process of lubricating the contact points of the rail and optic mount?
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    Vudoo Gun Works V-22 Rimfire Bolt Action this looks like what I’m going to do.
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    Vudoo Gun Works V-22 Rimfire Bolt Action

    Loving my Vudoo, however, when I load into the rifle on a barricade the magazine pushes back and I get a FT Feed from the lead pushing into the breech face instead of going into the chamber. Does anyone have a fix for this? MPA chassis. Thanks!
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    Best Low Light Hunting Scope

    I just used a vx6hd 3-18 for the full 30minutes post sunset while hunting a swamp. I could have easily discerned deer for another 15 minutes I bet. Extremely happy with it.
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    Amp plates 'legal' in NRL22?

    ^^ I did not hear it either. The question was asked about MD"s not following the COF for paper stages and he said they won't go into that.
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    Vudoo Gun Works V-22 Rimfire Bolt Action

    Where in MN @Mark Watson ? Bullet central is in Fargo, DST precision is by Rochester and both stock Bix triggers.
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    Higher Magnification in PRS

    Long distance prone stages is about the only time I'm cranking up the power. A 5-25 will suffice.
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    Amp plates 'legal' in NRL22?

    So has anyone confirmed that Area419's railchanger is OK but a stand alone plate is not?