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    WTT Reap IR for pvs30 or similar

    I really like this unit, Trijicon Reap IR type 2 35mm in very good condition. The image quality is awesome but I think I want to move to a clip on nv such as pvs30 or similar and can’t have both so thought I’d see if anyone wanted to trade into thermal. Let me know what you have not looking to...
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    WTB Triggertech

    Looking for trigger tech diamond flat shoe wanted to see if there was any out there before ordering new. Let me know what you have.
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    KRG W3 Found

    Want to buy a krg whiskey 3 Remington 700 SA inlet in one of the newer generations but open to older ones depending on how they are equipped and price. Prefer non folding to keep cost down but love folding model I have so open to the right deal there too.
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    SPF AT & MPA rifle SPF

    I don’t have the time to shoot as much as I had been so getting rid of a few things going to let this go. 2017 small firing pin AIAT bought new from MHSA last year has about 400 rounds total of 6 br and 260 through it. I have original tan AT non folding chassis I will include along with the...
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    A&D 120 auto trickler help

    I have a V2 A&D 120 and auto trickler and having some issues. I’ve had it just over a year I would guess. The trickler will be running and just randomly ramp up very fast and make a noise I assume due to the high speed then slow back down but only after it’s made a mess throwing powder all over...
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    WTB trigger tech rem 700

    Looking for a good condition trigger tech preferably diamond flat shoe before I order a new one. Needs to be for Remington 700 style action.
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    Tested out ZCO’s Customer Service

    I recently had to test out ZCO’s customer service on a warranty claim and wanted to post my experience here as I had not read or seen anything about that part of their company yet. I own two zco’s a 5-27 and a 4-20. I jumped in pretty early on the 5-27 just based on where I was with needing a...
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    AI short action customs 6x47 barrel near new

    I have a 24” heavy contour 6x47 lapua I had SAC spin up this summer it’s a 7.5 twist bartlien. I put 20 rounds down it to run a ladder and get a few rounds on it for initial load then pulled it and have not shot it since. Threaded 5/8 x 24 $950 in this barrel will take $700 shipped phenomenal...
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    Spuhr mount from scope I just sold 34 mm tube and 9 mil built in. SP-4902 is model number. Very good shape. $325 shipped
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    Desert Tech SRS A1 Gen2 barrels all spf

    Took a good sized package on a trade and don’t need all the barrels so going to list the ones I’m not set on keeping. I’m undecided on the 300 win mag but going to list it and see if it sells before I decide to keep it. Prices are shipped to lower 48 paypal friends or you pay the fees. 1)...
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    MPA chassis rem 700 SA inlet Sold

    I have a very nice, great condition MPA chassis in tungsten. Has inlet for Remington 700 clones, I had a Curtis vector in it. Only minor marks are along the arca rail from clamping in rrs tripod head but those are very minor. Bag rider and spigot mount shown in pictures included. $spf shipped...
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    S&B 3-27 spf Spuhr still for sale

    I took this in on trade and I’m long on glass at the moment so It’s up for sale. Schmidt & Bender 3-27x56 High Power with MTC turrets and H2cmr reticle. It is in a sphur mount and both look to be in great shape. I zeroed scope and shot out to 500 the other day and everything functioned fine. I...
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    Looking to sell and open to taking the right trade deal for part of the deal. Accuracy International AXMC rifle with the quick change barrel feature and 2 of the 3 conversions. Buyers option of either 300 Norma Mag or 6.5 Saum or a package deal. I bought this new as a 300 win mag from mhsa a...
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    Tangent Theta 5-25 gen3xr trade pending

    Lightly used Tangent Theta 5-25x56 Gen 3 xr reticle in very good condition. Tennebrex caps and original box. Still on a rifle in a Spuhr mount, mount not included in price. Can get daylight pics tomorrow pm and can text pics. I would actually prefer to trade into a scope to replace it. Could...
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    AI AT/AX Barrel 308 SOLD

    I have somehow accumulated way too many barrels over the last couple years and need to thin out the herd as some of them just don't get shot, and I don't have the time I once did it seems like. These are all for AT/AX 308 short action rifles. 1. AI take off barrel from when I bought my 2018 AT...
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    6.5 saum Node velocity drop

    Wasn’t even sure how to search this as it could be described many ways so here I am, feel free to point me in the right direction if it’s been discussed extensively. I’m not usually one to post up load development or ladder results and say tell me what’s going on here or which load to use but...
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    Upgrade AIAT to MPA

    If you’re a hardcore AI fan hit the back button now!!! I owned an AX short action for a year or so and was pretty much my main go to rifle for everything except ELR work. However I always wanted a different feel more like my GAP 243 I dropped into an MPA. So a few months back I saw a thread...
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    Sphur mounts 1.5” 34mm SPF

    I have a couple sphur mounts for sale prices will be shipped to lower 48. PayPal f&f preferred or buyer cover the fees. First one is a SP 4302 34 mm 1.5” and 3 mil it’s in really good shape. Can’t hardly tell it’s been used. $spf shipped lower 48 Second one is a SP 4002 1.5” 34mm and 0 mil...
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    S&B 5-25 PMII tremor 3 SPF

    For sale is a 5-25 PMII tremor 3 reticle with MTC locking turrets in very good shape with only a couple marks in finish on windage turret and very faint marks on right hand side of tube but these are pretty minor. Glass is like it was out of the box it’s a nice scope just changing directions on...
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    Elite Iron standard height panning aluminum bipod. I’ve got this and a non panning don’t need both. Still have box and it’s in really good shape. Sold shipped ups. PayPal f&f gift only. No trades.