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  1. snarkscarbine

    Dasher stuff

    Also mentioned in my Dasher barreled action sale thread here: - whidden micrometer seating die and bushing full-length die w/2 bushings - BRASS: 93 virgin BR 8 hf but not ff 124...
  2. snarkscarbine

    APR Axiom 6 dasher Barreled action/ calvin elite / CG Extreme/ Dasher reloading

    - Alamo Precision built 6mm Dasher(L) 26" Hardy Rifle Engineering steel 1:7 Med palma barrel ~ 300rds on barrel Curtis Axiom action KRG Bravo in Sako green ALREADY SOLD Your pick of CG Extreme adjustable or Calvin Elite Custom triggers KRG spigot not included, but I'll throw it in for an extra...
  3. snarkscarbine

    Pulsar Trail XQ38 LRF BRAND NEW never left the box

    Hey guys, I ordered this unit from Pulsar for a buddy and it took literally 10 months for Pulsar to get it in from Europe. For those that don't know they trimmed down their product lines first by killing off the Apex models, then next they got rid of the Trails without the built-in rangefinder...
  4. snarkscarbine

    12" ODIN 6.5g barrel, BCG, and gas block

    This is simply a used version of everything in this link. Barrel has ~ 300 rds of Hornady factory ammo through it. Nothing wrong with anything pictured here. The only reason I'm selling is that I overthink most things and jumped on a great deal on a Lilja 12" grendel barrel, and I don't need...
  5. snarkscarbine

    WTS Calvin Elite Custom - r700 rh

    Calvin elite Custom for Rem 700. Includes all 4 shoes. Pretty light use. I can post photos if you'd like, but it looks exactly what you'd expect a right-hand Calvin Elite Custom with no bolt release to look like. $200 shipped or make me an offer. Not really interested in trades, unless it's...
  6. snarkscarbine

    TRG 22 mag - Sold

    Got an almost new TRG-22 (s/a) mag that I'm never going to use. Looking for $150 shipped.
  7. snarkscarbine

    SOLD : Whiskey-3 Gen 4 r700

    Got a G4 W3 i'm looking to liquidate. Sprayed in some Aervoe FDE-like color that looks really sharp, and has a 3d printed angled bag rider made by yours truly. Looking for $700 shipped
  8. snarkscarbine

    Curtis Axiom 6mm Dasher setup

    I'm kicking around the idea of getting rid of this caliber. I've got a kid now and don't have time to futz with the hydro/fire/load dev stuff any more, and that whole process just makes me not want to shoot this rifle. Package entails: - Hardy Med Palma 26" 1:7 steel barrel chambered by Alamo...
  9. snarkscarbine

    Shot Show 2018: what do you want to see?

    We did this last year and it seemed to go over pretty well, so we're doing it again. What are y'all particularly interested in seeing this year? Our goal is to try and get photos and comments posted on our site every evening.
  10. snarkscarbine

    Hardy CF barrels

    Had to share this. We hooked APR up with some Hardy tubes. Looks like they're off to a good start.
  11. snarkscarbine

    Nylon gear insight requested

    Gentlemen, I have a few questions. How many of you regularly transport your rifle to/from the range in a soft case/drag bag? What do you find absolutely essential to have in your drag bag in terms of storage space, configuration, etc. For those that regularly use shooting mats, what do you...
  12. snarkscarbine


    I'm hoping to do a barrel swap on my savage in the next few weeks, and I was curious if there was a kind soul on here (hopefully in the DFW area...?) who wouldn't mind loaning a few tools, specifically an action wrench and a 6.5 creedmore go/no go. I don't mind putting down a deposit. Any takers?
  13. snarkscarbine

    Recoil lug?

    Finally getting around to the first steps of a savage build. I've had this 110 for about a dozen years, and the timing is finally about right. First is a new barrel, and I want to go ahead and replace the recoil lug while I've got it off. Whose recoil lugs do you savage guys like? And what are...