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  1. sturkis

    McMillan A-10 L/A Adjustable LOP & Cheekpiece $750 TYD

    McMillan A-10 L/S Adjustable LOP & Cheekpiece $750TYD. This is a lightly used McMillan A-10 for a Remington 700 L/A or Clone. It is in Carbon Ambush molded in color, is pillared, and cut for Badger M5 DBM. It has LOP system and adjustable cheekpiece. It has McMillan Arca rail system and barrel...
  2. sturkis

    WTS: McMillan Model 70 S/A Hunting Stock $350 TYD

    WTS: McMillan Model 70 S/A Hunting Stock $350TYD. This is a new raw fiberglass gel coated Model 70 S/A hunting stock. It can be used on newer model 70 actions or pre64 according to McMillan. It has no color and shows fiberglass under the clear gel coat. I have had this stock for many years and...
  3. sturkis

    WTS Mcmillan HTG 700 S/A $350 TYD

    WTS Mcmillan HTG 700 S/A $350 TYD. I am selling my McMillan HTG for a 700 S/A $350 TYD. It is a standard fiberglass HTG and is cut for a BDL Floorplate and is pillared. Barrel channel is almost straight. It has 2) flush cups and swivels and a swivel stud. It is primer gray in color and has some...
  4. sturkis

    WTB Anschutz stock for a 1700 FWT Sporter

    WTB Anschutz stock for a 1700 FWT Sporter. I found one,
  5. sturkis

    WTS. McMillan A-5 700 S/A Adjustable Cheek piece and LOP System (SPF)

    WTS. McMillan A-5 700 S/A Adjustable Cheek piece and LOP System (SPF) This is a lightly used McMillan A-5 700 S/A with adjustable cheekpiece and LOP system, It is painted primer gray and is a McMillan paint. It is pillared, Barrel channel is Remington varmint. It is cut for a Badger BM5 and has...
  6. sturkis

    New LongRifles Inc Build

    New LongRifles Inc Build. I want to thank Chad Dixon on another fantastic new build. I had him chamber the new 1-7.5 6mm Kreiger barrel in 6mm Competition Match. I fire formed 50 rounds and even doing that this thing shot amazing. I have included 2) targets. 1st is a 10 shot group and the other...
  7. sturkis

    Longrifles Inc. a Big Thanks!

    Chad , I wanted you to know in the Gunsite match yesterday there was 3) of your rifles in the competition. All 3 rifles finished from 1st to 11th place. Thats a pretty good showing for your rifles. Doug Trego came in first with a score of 280 out of 300. A score of 285 is the range record. There...
  8. sturkis

    A Pair To Draw To !!!

    My 2) Beanland 6.5x47Lapua's. They are almost twins.
  9. sturkis

    New Sniper Bike!!!

    Here is a new Sniper's bike complete with Ghille Suit!! What do you think? Can you see me now?
  10. sturkis

    New Lefty " Beanland" Build

    This is my new first ever Lefty. It is a Remington 700 S/A Left Hand chambered in 6.5 x 47L. It has a Kreiger 1-8 twist barrel, McMillan A-5 with Badger DBM. Has a USO Sn-3 5-22 Scope. Can is a Delta P Design. This is the 3rd Beanland 6.5x47L that I have had built. Have 83 rds through it and it...
  11. sturkis

    New Paint for the GAP .308

    Here is my new paint for my GAP .308. It is done in hand painted desert camo and then flat cleared. It was painted by Sinthium Custom Paint in Phoenix. They do custom painting for Bourgett Motorcycles so you know they are good. This is the first rifle stock they have done and want some feedback...
  12. sturkis

    Newest Beanland Build

    This is a my newest Beanland build, It is a trued Remington 700 in 6.5 x47. It has a Mcmillan A-5 stock, Kreiger 27" heavy varmit barrel 1-8 twist, Schilin trigger. My buddies muzzle break (Its not a Lawton). Badger bottom metal. It is still unfired as of this post.
  13. sturkis

    New Beanland 6.5 x 47Lapua Build

    This is one of my new Beanland Builds. Jon did a great job!! The break is one my machinist buddy makes!! Dont know why pics arent coming out.
  14. sturkis

    Rl 15 on 6 x47L

    Has anyone tried Reloader 15 with the 107gr SMK in the 6 x47Lapua ?
  15. sturkis

    6.5 x 47l Loading data

    Has anyone used Varget for the 6.5 x 47lapua? I have it , H335, 322, h4895. What others can be used and can any of these work with the caliber?
  16. sturkis

    Toys for Big Boys

    Here are a few of my Toys for Big Boys. TRG-41 338LM Kimber 8400 Tactical .308 Mini Windrunner .308
  17. sturkis

    Rambo II Knife

    This is one I have had in the safe since the movie came out. Sometimes being old is Cool!
  18. sturkis

    338 LM Sizing Question

    I am using another rifle in 338 LM and am full length sizing as far down as I can go and am still running in to resistance when I check the sized case in the rifle. Am using a dillon 550 and Redding FL dies. I can chamber the round in my TRG with some resistance and the bolt will close. I called...