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  1. Chingon

    USMC M107/ M40a3/5/6/ M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle/ and M110 SASS SSDS Optics Accessories

    A must have for the serious clone builder for use with Schmidt and Bender/ Premier Optics used on the Marine Corps Sniper/ Designated Marksmanship rifles. $400.00 Badger Ordnance 34mm Scope Rings w/ SIMRAD Cap (High) Part# 306-76 M107 SASR $600.00 Badger Ordnance 34mm Scope Rings w/ SIMRAD Cap...
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    A-TM Folding Stock for the RUGER Mini-14

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    Closet Clean Out

    Plus $5.00 to ship anything over $75.00. I do trade. Left to right, from top to bottom: $48.00 Spectre M-14 / M1A Raider 2 Point Tactical Sling $13.00 Blackhawk Speed Clips #3 Tan $75.00 Special Operations Combat Sling (SOC Sling) Tactical Rifle Sling SOLD GPS-02 Grip Pod System, USGI Military...
  5. Chingon

    Bianchi X16 Agent X Shoulder Holster for Walther PPK/S

    In like new condition. $110.00 shipped. From the manufacturer's website: he Bianchi X16 Agent carries the handgun in a horizontal position for a smooth, fast draw. The system has a suede leather figure-8 harness that provides balanced carry without binding. Offside accessories such as magazine...
  6. Chingon

    And now for something a little different...

    Jonesbilt Overland Expeditionary Camper/ Trailer: This is a complete off the frame build using only the best of parts. This started off as a surplus M416 trailer and totally restored and converted to an off road camping base. Tepui roof top tent with ground room extension included. Tent is...
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    $110.00 shipped.
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    Vortex Optics SV- 5 Switchview Throw Lever and 34mm Optics Riflescope Bubble Level

    Switchview New in wrapper. $60.00 shipped. Maximize the efficiency of magnification transitions with fluid precision using our throw lever. Constructed of skeletonized, lightweight, tough, hard-coat anodized machined aluminum. Compatible with all configurations of Viper PST GEN II riflescopes...
  9. Chingon

    Unused Leupold 30-06 180gr. M3 Knob

    $80.00 shipped.
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    Eagle Industries

    They back in business?
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    Any golfers?

    Thought this was pretty cool!
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    WTT Tenebraex SunGuard KillFlash 40LTC0-ARD for Leupold MK 3/ 4 40mm OL.

    Looking for a Tenebraex KillFlash ARD for 50mm Schmidt Bender 50SBC0. *edit: Would sell outright for $110 bucks shipped.
  13. Chingon

    *SOLD* Used Sage EBR 5 screw chassis

    So I took this on as a project and decided I'm giving up on it. I don't think I have the time or the energy to hunt down the parts to finish this. If you have the parts or have the patience to find them, this could be yours. $525.00 TYD sold as is. Only trade I'd be interested in would be a...
  14. Chingon

    WTT: Krestrel 4000 Edit: Sale price included

    Krestrel is in pristine condition. Looking for a Bartlein or Shcneider 6.5cm barrel blank. M40 or Heavy Palma spiraled preferred. Can add cash for the difference or find something else in trade to even things out. Let me know what you have and we can work something out. *EDIT 4/17/2019...
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    Double posted for some reason.
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    Please Delete

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    Remmy 700 CP

    Looks like I may have to save up on a couple of bucks...
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    The Fix by Q

    Anyone play with one? Never heard of it until yesterday.
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    M40a5 Action

    Tried using the search feature and I'm more than positive this was covered but if I were to build a replica of an M40a5, would I be able to get the same action that the Marine Corps uses?
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    Caught a Scammer in the Act!!

    I hate posting other forums but in this case I'll make an exception. I started this one trying to inform others not to deal with a certain individual but was too late and someone got scammed. If you or anyone else has been affected by this individual please read than pass along the info to...