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  1. Matches Malone

    Kestrel 5700 Elite

    Spin the dial the right the top of the turret goes in the direction of the arrow (up), move it to 1.6 moa on the turret. If you’re not somewhere in there, then see Dthomas post.
  2. Matches Malone

    WTF Ford?

    They got a 2.3? L eco, or in some places there is a 2.0 twin turbo diesel. Naturally if you’re into off-roading the diesel will put down more torque, but idk. I can’t imagine that the turbo would be a long lasting engine in a diesel, idk, I’m not a vehicle engineer.
  3. Matches Malone

    WTF Ford?

    If you told me that, then I’d rebuttal the past is the past. No one should care about what ford was doing 8,10, 15 years ago if in the market for a truck today. They stopped making them because sale decline. They were planning such since 2008. Perhaps not their fault, it was probably a...
  4. Matches Malone

    WTF Ford?

    What if I told you the Toyota Tacoma was the best selling mid sized 4x4 truck for a reason? This is why the ranger, and the gladiator came out. To compete to the Tacoma. Which has more American parts in it then the Fords Lol.
  5. Matches Malone

    Wind calls for targets at multiple locations from same shooting position

    I guess the question is how much are you missing by. I personally think that with a standard cartridge like a .308 on a 66% ipsc target that a miss will ensue by just wind direction alone. So target size Wind direction & Wind call accuracy per shot (wind changes in gust) Shot accuracy ^...
  6. Matches Malone

    Is vortex a cheap quality company?

    I’ll buy your viper 10x42s for $80. Cheap.
  7. Matches Malone

    Poll- When you lose weight

    Yep ^
  8. Matches Malone

    308 loads for PRS

    Just BC. If you like keeping things closer to center.
  9. Matches Malone

    Recommend a range finder please

    Rx-2800. Have had mine over a year. Animals will be no problem at 1000. They won’t be a problem at 1500. There’s no prs match I’m aware of that will come closer to making out the range of this range finder. They have basically the same shit warranty as Leica.
  10. Matches Malone

    No one is ever going to do anything

    Have you been deployed in any combat zone in the last 15 years? If you have, you then you know that last part isn’t true. It’s not AR15 specific, but people like the taliban, as dumb as they are, have managed to put up quite the struggle...despite the entire wrath of the US military. This is...
  11. Matches Malone

    308 loads for PRS

    I load eld-m, and they fit in the mags. They do better with extra jump. Something about how the bearing surface is. Go buy or borrow some of the factory ammo, use that as a reference seating depth. Fine tune off that. If you’re using a seating stem that’s not made for VLDs or Hornady’s eld...
  12. Matches Malone

    How can a rifle shoot poorly at 100 but well at 1000?

    Aim small, miss small. Most issues arise at long distance with poor ES as far as groups are concerned. If your Es is good but are shooting a 1.4 inch group, then you suck, but and as long as the target at 1000 is big enough, you can still hit it technically. Especially when the target looks...
  13. Matches Malone

    Best state for first time western hunts

    Don’t you need a local to be with a out of state hunter to hunt Wyoming wilderness?
  14. Matches Malone

    Laws for gunsmiths

    If you’re willing to spend money on a answer then I’m assuming that you taking money from these friends. See the post above ^. If you are making money that the IRS would question you will for sure want to get an FFL. If it’s a one time deal, then it will be fine. If its you just doing the...
  15. Matches Malone

    Question on Spin Drift experiment

    Just simulated. Not the actual load data. I don’t use this app. Going off max ord at 60% of total range.
  16. Matches Malone

    Question on Spin Drift experiment

    I got 98 inches with a .223 for max ord, so about 8 ft. So yeah, probably won’t exceed 15 ft. A 2 story ceiling would probably be plenty for most cartridges at 1000y.
  17. Matches Malone

    Question on Spin Drift experiment

    I understand you’re argument, and what you are tryin to say, but what I’m saying is simply getting a cheat answer is not there, or it will/would have been published all over here and the various other forums, and we’d just use those pre-published legit and verified numbers, and there wouldn’t be...
  18. Matches Malone

    Question on Spin Drift experiment

    Because it’s not a place but a what, which is mentioned in the article. I didn’t link that for you to figure out where, but rather how these things are done, and what goes into it. Sierra has a 300 yard underground range that was used for testing, I don’t know of any place to get 1000y...
  19. Matches Malone

    Question on Spin Drift experiment
  20. Matches Malone


    My dad told me not to be a bitch, I guess it worked. I’m not recoil sensitive. I agree that dry fire isn’t a good solution. We use dry fire to train better trigger discipline. Past that it doesn’t help with the flinch because the flinch is a psychological obstacle. As to not repeat what was...