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  1. cattleman99

    MDT 12rnd .308 mag

    Sold pending funds
  2. cattleman99

    Fix it sticks - The Works

    Open package, but never really used it. New. $230 shipped
  3. cattleman99

    6 GT Brass

  4. cattleman99

    6XC dies

  5. cattleman99

    Accu-Tac BR4 G2

  6. cattleman99

    WTB - MPA Rear weights

    Looking for the two weights for an MPA Comp. let me know what you have
  7. cattleman99

    ***SPF*** WTS MPA Chassis (Black Rem 700 SA)

    Message and email sent. I’ll take it for $600.
  8. cattleman99

    Customizable Aluminum Reloading Blocks for sale

    It will not. Shoot me a pm and maybe we can talk about custom making one if you’re interested
  9. cattleman99

    Imported carbon fiber tripod (RT90C)

    I have one in, and it’s a nice little tripod. A lot skinnier than the RT90, but just as tall and adjustable. It’s pretty light in comparison to the 90. Dang nice piece of gear for $200
  10. cattleman99

    6XC dies

  11. cattleman99

    Accu-Tac BR4 G2

    Standard QD pic mount. Brand new - $280 shipped
  12. cattleman99

    KRG 10/22 Pre Order

    All I can offer on this is free shipping and a guarantee on the KRG introduction pricing of $249.99
  13. cattleman99

    Accu-Tac BR4 G2 ARCA

    It’s yours!
  14. cattleman99

    Bix’n Andy Tac Sport 2 Stage $210

    $210 shipped now need this gone
  15. cattleman99

    Fix it Sticks all in one

    Used to mount one scope, new otherwise. $90 shipped