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    WTB: AI LH LA Chassis or 300 Win Rifle

    Guess you never know unless you ask... want to buy any left handed accuracy international long action chassis or a complete AI 300 win mag lefty rifle. Not looking to work with the lapua sized cases. Are these all unicorns at this point?
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    WTB: LH Hunting style stock for Rem700 SA w/ Proof Sendero Barrel (M24 Contour) & BDL Floorplate

    What's up Hide, I'm hunting for a non-adjustable, light weight hunting stock to drop in a LH Rem 700 barreled action. It's got a Proof CF Sendero contour barrel which is the same as an M24 contour. I'm not interested in a chassis systems for this one. Thanks for showing me what you have.
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    Kestrel Question

    Ive done a lot of reading here but wanted to get input. I am faced with a decision: either buy the cadillac now (4500NV with AB) or a lesser model. If i buy the lesser model, it frees up cash for a few more accessories. And if i go the lesser route, i want the bare minimum for now. I can always...
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    Criterion Barrel & Remage Barrel Nut Setup in 6.5 Creedmoor - Worked great for me!

    Whats up fellas, I wanted to share my experience on a build I completed. I was intrigued by the time and money I could save in the long term by utilizing Criterion pre-fit Barrels on a ground up Remington 700 platform build, but mostly because I like assembling things myself. However I'm the...
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    Federal gold medal match 175 308 availability FGMM

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but anybody seen the FGMM 175's for sale anywhere other than midway? They ask around 35 a box on midway but i prefer not to pay more than 25-27 a box or less if thats even possible anymore. I buy 500 to 1,000 rounds at a time. Any leads appreciated, thanks!
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    AW Mags with 308 parent cases ex: 6XC, 6creedmoor

    Whats up guys, anybody running AW magazines with cartridges that have the 308 as a parent case? For example, I have a new rifle i built in 6XC in a stiller Tac 30 A/W action and I want to make sure that the 6XC's will feed before I splurge on these mags. I'd hate to try and make it work then...
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    Please help me fix my bipod lock

    i bought this bipod used, with the bipod lock installed. I do not know what brand the bipod lock is. recently in a rifle competition i broke the plastic handle and now it is inoperable. Can anyone advise on how to take this bipod lock off of the bipod? I intend to install a KMW Pod-Loc unit...
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    Adhesive Remover for fiberglass B&C Stock?

    Hello I just peeled a piece of moleskin off of the adjustable cheek piece on my Bell and Carlson fully adjustable stock. It left behind a few sizeable blotches of adhesive on the cheek piece. Can anyone recommend a product that will strip that adhesive right off? I think the cheek piece is...