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  1. Lunchbox27

    SMFH (Sen. Bob Menendez)

    So it starts...
  2. Lunchbox27

    Bullet deformation while seating

    I ordered up some Alpha brass (6.5 CM) just for shits and grins. I have been running Hornady for years without issue, but was looking for something a little more consistent and possibly longer case life. I'm very impressed with the quality of this brass and in no way do I think it is the...
  3. Lunchbox27

    Episode 100 - MHSA Black Friday sale

    Anyone else pick up on this? Come on Black Friday, I want an AT.
  4. Lunchbox27

    Nittynate is GTG!

    Smooth transaction. Great communication. The Scope shipped the day payment was received. Arrived as advertised. Seller is Good to go!
  5. Lunchbox27

    6.5CM. IMR 4451 & 140g

    Doing a load workup for a new Tikka. Barrel is 20" 6.5 Creedmoor. Started out shooting the Hornady american gunner 140's and got great accuracy and decent SD so I started the load development with the 140 hpbt match (since I already have a box of 500). When shooting the Hornady american gunner...
  6. Lunchbox27

    CZ 455 "Tacticool" with 17 HMR barrel

    Picked up the 22LR Tacticool a few years back and decided to buy the 17hmr barrel from CZ. Installed in minutes and it seems to like a variety of ammo and will shoot under an inch @ 100 yards. The problem is consistency. Not sure if the stock is holding me back at this point, being wood and...
  7. Lunchbox27

    308 : Switching to the 168 ELD-M bullet

    Currently shooting the 168 Hornady Match bullets out of my 308 SPR. This is a great round for what I have used it for but I'm looking to switch to the 168ELD-M. Will I need to do a new load workup or have you found that the current load for 168's (or even 178's) to the ELD's are an even swap?