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  1. W54/XM-388

    Tight twist rate fade?

    I would not go with a 1:8 twist unless you plan to primarily shoot the monolithic bullets.
  2. W54/XM-388

    The OFFICIAL 'Wuhan' Coronavirus outbreak information and tracking thread. Precautions and what you need to know.

    I don't think we are going to see a widespread pandemic in this country. Not that being prepared is a bad idea, but in most of this country, you are more likely going to be exposed to this year's flu (which seems pretty bad), than something from China. We have better healthcare, and more...
  3. W54/XM-388

    Hoplite Arms

    Yes for example if someone has a round that doesn't go off and they unlock the bolt and the round goes off as they are starting to open the bolt.
  4. W54/XM-388

    Hoplite Arms

    Quick question Have you tested to see if the bolt stop is strong enough to stop the bolt coming out of the receiver if for example someone opens the bolt after a hang fire, just in time for one of those huge high pressure rounds to go off? Somewhere in the future, that might save someone a trip...
  5. W54/XM-388

    Epstein's warden gets new cushy supervisory job

    The deep state is it's own machinery and does what it is going to do regardless of what political appointee gets placed at the "top". You can't hope to have a single marginally decent political appointee change how a ruthlessly corrupt, massive, well insulated, hugely powerful organization...
  6. W54/XM-388

    Trump 2020

    Very much like in Atlas Shrugged, we, the hard working, responsible, tax paying, law abiding, moralistic minority are the ones who are funding and making the rule of those that hate us possible. Every day you work hard and pay taxes and "do your duty" you are funding the machine that wants to...
  7. W54/XM-388

    Price’s Law: Why Only A Few People Generate Half Of The Results

    Except he did it a couple times too often and wound up leaving feet first. As is pretty much typical for Russian/Soviet/Russian dictators throughout history. There is always the taken suddenly and violently ill........
  8. W54/XM-388

    Need a Bi-pod with Solid Cant Lockout

    With your current setup, it looks to be rather unstable for a rifle that size. You have the rifle attached to a pivot point way above the apex of the bipod. On a big heavy long range heavy recoiling gun, that is going to be hard to get stable. I'd suggest you think about giving up the quick...
  9. W54/XM-388

    Trump 2020

    Made much more difficult since while nobody was looking the elections for those that are responsible for certifying and making rulings on vote counts etc. were bought and paid for by those Elites who want to take our freedoms and make sure the Communists win. The enemies of freedom are expert...
  10. W54/XM-388

    Suggestions for concealed carry rigs

    Cargo pants / Cargo shorts and pocket holsters work well if you have few other options based on weather / dress, especially if you sit a lot. not the fastest draw option, but it does beast ankle carry by a fair bit.
  11. W54/XM-388

    Just a Reminder, In Case We Had Forgotten

    My sentence structure was totally wrong. I should have also split the quotes up to respond to each separate comment the poster made rather than posting them both together. It was pretty confusing yes.
  12. W54/XM-388

    Delayed blowback advantages

    I have 2 of them (9mm and .40) I'm really looking forward to the newly announced Magpul Backpacker stock for them. I'll definitely change both to that stock as soon as they are for sale. That stock turned the 10/22 Take down into a whole different level of small packing/carrying. Also on your...
  13. W54/XM-388

    China is lying to the world

    Keeping them out of the USA is going to be pretty much impossible. You can't even get a travel ban passed on countries in full on terror / civil war without a 2 year long legal challenge. Some years ago during the last outbreaks of stuff, I did some traveling. Getting off the plane in SK they...
  14. W54/XM-388

    Just a Reminder, In Case We Had Forgotten

    The government refuses to follow the law and allow you to have due process, even if you offered to pay for it. Oh and a lot of states are busy not only giving voting rights back to convicted criminals as quickly as possible once they are out. The communists are making big pushes to let people...
  15. W54/XM-388

    Just a Reminder, In Case We Had Forgotten

    So the government refuses to allow someone to follow the laws to restore their rights? Seems like for anything else it would be an open / shut case of civil rights violations and the courts would be all over it. So the government can openly just plain refuse to follow the law and everybody is...
  16. W54/XM-388

    Let's just say tomorrow

    The sad part is that the FSA only exists because they are a useful tool by those who want to enslave society. You'll notice from history, once the totalitarian types get the power and control they want, instantly their "poor masses" are made to get to work or get to the open pit graves. It's...
  17. W54/XM-388

    What supplies for Wuhan Virus?

    Bleach seems to take care of killing a lot of stuff. Washing your hands with it does make them a bit slimy & it's hard to get the smell off.
  18. W54/XM-388


    If you have trouble getting through to them early next week, PM me and I'll see if I can ask them to have the person who does the order processing to give you a call.
  19. W54/XM-388


    Have you tried contacting them directly? They sold out of most of their stuff right after Christmas, then were busy making a bunch of new stuff for SHOT, they should be back from SHOT next week and have an idea of what is in stock for immediate shipment if you want to give them a call. Both...
  20. W54/XM-388

    What supplies for Wuhan Virus?

    Avoid people, children that go to school and people that have children that go to school.