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    Which S&W revolver for woods carry?

    You should. I paid 400 for one in the mid-90's in Virginia.
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    Killed by your own cock,...DAMN!

    A buddy of mine saw a guy get killed in a cockfighting ring in the Philippines. He bent over to grab his cock, as it had lost the fight. It went into a last second spasm and sliced through his jugular with the blade. Those damn blades are razor sharp.
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    Rem 700 Extractor

    Chad, decimal points are your friend, just sayin' 😜
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    Rem 700 Extractor

    @LRI Stay away from the Sako, M16 all the way
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    The most nice 4" .44 Magnum?

    I have several Taurus revolvers. I like them very much. They are not as nice as the Smiths I own, but they didn't cost nearly as much. I'm a sucker for blued steel. I have a couple of 686's, a 657 and 625. They are good looking guns but the deeply blued 19 I have is better looking.
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    XM-3 Build Done

    Can you break down the parts list? I'm especially interested in the bottom metal
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    My arken 6-24 just got here

    Odd, I thought the ocular focus was the focus
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    UK Solution to Knife Crimes

    England does not have citizens, they have subjects. An important distinction.
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    Post a wild game recipe!

    My favorite wild game recipe is this: Take whatever game animal it is, give it to my wife. let her cook it. Done.
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    Lemiwinks could have excavated it for him.
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    300 Blk Upper ideas needed

    I like the 11 to 11.5 inch barrels, but in all reality, it works great with barrels as short as 8". You can go Gucci if you want, but we are talking a short range truck gun, it's going to get beat up. I have a model 1 sales complete upper, I cut it back to 11.5", runs just fine and is quite...
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    Is Trump being set up by the senate?

    Isn't that a Chinese curse or something? "may you live in interesting times"
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    Lapua 6.5cm small rifle primer brass

    Starline makes SRP 6.5 brass, as well as .308 and .260. I neck down the .308 for my 7-08 loads.
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    1500 with 7 rm and 6.5m? Possible ?

    1. he's successfully trolled most of you. 2. ELD M is a better choice for the 7mm mag velocities.
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    bought my first scope, what do you think?

    I thought all the SSG rifles were press fit. Thanks for the clarification. They are dandy rifles
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    Subsonic 308 reload

    Never did it, I believe Trail Boss is somewhat the go to powder.
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    bought my first scope, what do you think?

    Most barrels are threaded into the receiver. Any competent gunsmith can rebarrel those. It is more challenging with a press fit barrel and would require significantly more work, but it isn't impossible. Don't fret, shoot your rifle and enjoy it.
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    bought my first scope, what do you think?

    The "spend as much on the scope as you did on the rifle" daes back a very long time ago when two things were evident: Rifle prices were much lower Optics were still in their infancy. So much has changed in the last 15 years, it is incredible. You can now get a scope that costs less than 500...
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    Not looking good for VA...

    Understand what you are saying, but the name is on the ballot. While they are far from perfect, choose the R over the D, but to do that, you must go out and vote.
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    Not looking good for VA...

    Part of the problem here is the large number of conservative voters that don't bother voting. While it is true, you may not win the governorship, it is important to have enough constitutional types in the state house and senate to prevent this shit.