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  1. TJC

    Anybody else hate the gym?

    Bud you are doing it all wrong. Hire a really hot instructor, that will motivate you LOL. If you don’t like the gym, look for something completely different like hiking. You’ve got some seriously amazing mountains not too far from you. Check out Arizona Outdoor Adventures. They do 1-day to...
  2. TJC

    ARC Archimedes or Impact Action

    +1 on Josh. Awesome to deal with.
  3. TJC

    Forster Full Length Sizing Die Question

    I’ve had the same problem with Forster dies being out of spec. Send it back. It really does seem to be quite a common occurrence with them.
  4. TJC

    Bushing Die Creating False Shoulder Issues

    You need to neck turn.
  5. TJC

    TriggerTech 2-Stage Trigger - I'm stoked!

    Weird because I tried one a couple of weeks ago on a friends rifle in the U.K and i can assure you we usually get everything at least a year after you guys 😂 It was really nice, better than my TT diamond and the first stage take-up felt just right. No after travel. Exactly as I would want it to...
  6. TJC

    Anyone bored and want to play rifle doctor...

    Damaged bipod...presume not, just trying to eliminate the obvious. What is the neck thickness on your brass ?
  7. TJC

    Any F1 racing fans?

    I got to meet Lewis H twice in the last year. I wasn’t really a fan of his but have completely changed my mind. The guy is an absolute beast of a workaholic. His dedication, passion and technical knowledge is incredible. You need to be on a different level to be a top driver but you can see what...
  8. TJC

    How did you meet your s/o??

    Met mine on a Hash !
  9. TJC

    Noise-cancelling Ear Plug Advice
  10. TJC

    Noise-cancelling Ear Plug Advice

    I’ve been really happy with these.
  11. TJC

    Bolt doesn't close

    I suspect it is your case neck thickness. Measure the tip of the case mouth with calipers for a case that didn’t load. Tell us what you get. You probably have a tight neck chamber. The case mouth might have flared a little too.
  12. TJC

    Growth in Case Neck Thickness - what causes it ?

    Sorry, to be clear there is no expander ball. I use a Forster Bushing Bump die and I use the same in my .308 and .260 which doesn’t show growth. I was thinking it could be one or more of the following: 1. The die. It did have to go back to Forster because it was too long / wouldn’t bump the...
  13. TJC

    Growth in Case Neck Thickness - what causes it ?

    From 0.014 growing to 0.0165 x 2 + .264 = 0.297 vs my 0.295 neck but even 0.297 is pretty tight for a non-tight necked chamber. Even if we take just the mouth of the case, the neck is 0.016 to 0.0165 so we don’t need to even get to the topic of a donut. When I turn the necks, I get a nice clean...
  14. TJC

    Growth in Case Neck Thickness - what causes it ?

    Yes a FL die with an expander ball and I use the same type of die in all my rifles yet the case neck thickness growth in one is significantly more than in the others.
  15. TJC

    Growth in Case Neck Thickness - what causes it ?

    I’m using a K&M Mitutoyo Wall Thickness Micrometer and I’m measuring along the case wall neck. Measurements are reasonably consistent along that length.
  16. TJC

    Growth in Case Neck Thickness - what causes it ?

    I’m trying to understand what are the key drivers of growth in case neck thickness and what steps can be taken to minimise it ? I notice that in a couple of my rifles case neck thickness on Lapua brass is only slightly thicker than new brass even after 6-8 firings. However, on a 6.5CM the case...
  17. TJC

    Accuracy International AT stock upgrade???

    I much prefer my MPA chassis to my AT chassis but i wouldn’t de-bond the latter to fit the MPA. Sometimes they fit, sometimes they don’t (they don’t always fit a R700 action!!). I believe de-bonding will also massively impacts residual value of your AT. The market in the U.K. for a de-bonded AT...
  18. TJC

    MPA Comp w/weight kit. Bronze 850$

    I’m interested in the weight kit if you separate them. Thx
  19. TJC

    * SOLD *MPA BA Chassis and weight kit ‘Merica

    I’m interested in the weight tuning kit if you separate them. Thx
  20. TJC

    In ear hearing protection w/ Bluetooth

    Otto doesn’t have BT but I’m happy with mine and would buy them again.