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  1. 308plinker

    Dependable Payment Method

    I want to start by saying I’m not affiliated with the Cash app, nor am I receiving any benefits from sharing this information whatsoever. What I do know is that PayPal is not our friend. While it’s a dependable, secure way to send/receive funds, PayPal is definitely on the “Left”. They are as...
  2. 308plinker

    WTB-KMW Sentinel

    As title says, looking to buy a RH Sentinel for a shorty TL3. Integrated block would be nice but not a deal killer. Somewhat picky about colors, prefer molded marble or digital Camo. Will consider any available. Thanks
  3. 308plinker

    Found! A&D FX120I

    Looking for a scale in perfect working order. No part only scales please.
  4. 308plinker

    WTB Sartorius A&D FX120i

    As title states....not looking for a part only scale. Need one in good working order.
  5. 308plinker

    WTB- 223 Go No-Go gauges

    Looking for a set of Go/NoGo gauges for .223 Remington. Thanks
  6. 308plinker

    WTS-Bighorn TL3 6.5cm Bartlein Manners T4A Carbon PCR built

    I have a Phoenix Custom Rifles Custom build up for sale. **Rings/scope/bipod not included** Action is a Bighorn DLC'd TL3, med tang, 20 MOA bighorn rail. Standard .308 bolt face Barrel: Bartlein Heavy Palma 23" 1-8' twist, muzzle threaded 5/8-24 (240 rounds fired), Graphite Black Cerakote...
  7. 308plinker

    WTB- Scope lens caps

    Looking for a set of Tenebraex caps for a 5-25X56 S&B PMII
  8. 308plinker

    WTB- Found, please disregard

    In market for new glass, I'm on the hunt for Kahles k525i, S&B PMII, or Steiner Military. In that order........please PM info if you're looking to sell. Will accept a few RET options, send me what you have.........Thanks
  9. 308plinker

    WTB- Bighorn TL3 action wrench

    In dire need of a TL3 action wrench. Please PM or reply. Thanks
  10. 308plinker

    WTB-NF bubble level ring cap, 6 screw.

    Looking for a ring cap for a stick I built........6 Bolt Bubble Level cap from a Nightforce set..........
  11. 308plinker


    Selling my Nightforce ATACR 5-25X56 F1. No visible marks, tenebraex covers, glass is flawless, no ring marks. Turrets are NF, very tactile, not too loud, but easily felt/heard. I’m going to assume those of you in the market will know most/all specs on this tube. If not, fire away and I’ll do my...
  12. 308plinker

    Hard to Find Tikka CTR 24"

    I was added to a few e-mail lists for a 24" CTR in 6.5CM. I ended up finding one a few months later, and now one seller has a few. Just thought I'd share. I've never done business with these folks...........just letting you all know that in advance! I paid over a grand for mine.....this is a...
  13. 308plinker

    WTB-WTT Tikka Stock Chassis

    I have a safe queen MDT HS3 chassis for Tikka T3 in black. Looking to trade in to a traditional stock. Have an optional adjustable Magpul PRS Gen 2 that can include. This is an excellent setup, I’m just looking for something more traditional for shooting on a bench.
  14. 308plinker

    WTB- USO 34mm rings Med height

    Looking for a set of US Optics 34mm rings
  15. 308plinker

    Sticky Freebore??

    I recently acquired a rifle chambered in 6.5cm. From overall condition, and based on borescope and overall visual inspection, I would have to assume this rig was not run hard and put up dirty. Anyway, I went thru my usual load workup, and as I was getting my bto for seat depth, I encountered...
  16. 308plinker

    TL3 bolt cross pin slip.

    As I am prone to do, I pulled the firing pin on my TL3 to hand fit/seat a new bullet in my 6.5cm. I use a makeshift Lapua sized/neck slit cut instead of an oversized mandrel. Anyway, on my 3rd attempt to close the bolt on my case/bullet, I hit a wall! Went to pull bolt out...another wall! Turns...
  17. 308plinker

    WTB-ARC medium rings

    Looking for a set of ARC medium rings. Have a set of low to swap if interested.
  18. 308plinker

    WTB 6mm Creed Redding bushing die set

    Just came in to a new 6mm creedmoor chamber, in need of dies. Prefer Redding but will entertain all.
  19. 308plinker

    Disappointed at range today

    I know practice, practice, practice is the name of the game when it comes to shooting long distance. But today I behaved like a total rookie! First it was flinching, then rushing. I never really got settled good behind my rifle today. I'm going thru load testing right now for a new rig. .308...
  20. 308plinker

    Bipod choices for AICS Chassis?

    I'm sure this topic's been covered multiple times here, but I'm trying to decide on the best bipod for my custom with an AICS 2.0 chassis. I have looked and looked, and so far I can't decide. Looking hard at the Versa-Pod 150-682. It looks like it has the front spigot integrated in to the pod...