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  1. BallisticPrimate

    6BR: 95 TMK vs 105 Hybrid vs 108 ELDM

    G'day Hide, 105gr Hybrids are impossible to find anywhere in Australia, and with no signs of them turning up anytime soon I need to start looking at other options. I'm running 2 x 6BR's and a .243, all are 8 twist and all shoot extremely well with 105's. I stupidly sold a large chunk of my...
  2. BallisticPrimate

    NF NXS 2.5-10x24

    I've never handled one of these scopes but just bought one blind. At the price paid I can flip it and get my money back at the very least. Plan is to stick it on a lightweight hunting rifle. I don't tend to need super high performance at dawn/dusk but I'm interested in any feedback other users...
  3. BallisticPrimate

    20 inch 6BR Velocity

    Hide, I'm trying to get reliable data re velocity numbers for a 20 inch 6BR (8 twist) running 80 & 105gr projectiles. Varget is my preferred powder since I'm sitting on a fair bit of it. Any info appreciated.
  4. BallisticPrimate

    Nightforce 4-16x50 F1

    There's not a lot of info out there on this scope. Anyone run one? I've got a 7-35 with the Mil-XT and I'm eyeing the 4-16 with the same reticle for a more compact/lighter weight rifle for shorter-range matches and a bit of hunting. I know the NX8 models are all the rage but I'd prefer to stay...
  5. BallisticPrimate

    Nightforce 7-35

    So I have one arriving tomorrow with the Mil-XT reticle. Will be going on a comp/range toy. Help my confirmation bias by telling me the good (and the bad/ugly) of the NF.
  6. BallisticPrimate

    RRS Anvil 30/Meopta 15x56

    I have a Anvil 30 ballhead and the Meopta Meostar 15x56 Bino's inbound. I'm looking for an adaptor I can use to QD mount the binos. Any help appreciated. BP
  7. BallisticPrimate

    SHV 4-14 F1 v Vortex g2 PST 3-15

    I'm looking to pick up one of these to cover the role of general purpose backup optic that will spend most of its time on a rimfire. Here in Australia they are the same price. I can't easily get hands on with them so looking for some feedback on the pros and cons of each for the role I've...
  8. BallisticPrimate

    Rimfire Optic

    Anyone running a Bushnell 3-12 or 4.5-18 LRHS or LRTS on a .22lr? I'm putting together a trainer and since I've got these scopes I could repurpose one of them onto the rimfire. Obviously they parallax to about 50y, so not ideal but since most of my .22 shooting will be 50m+ I'm thinking they...
  9. BallisticPrimate

    Minox ZP5 5-25x56 & Steiner M7Xi 4-28x56

    These X vs X threads are usually annoying but regardless I'm interested in an overview from someone who has both of these scopes. I have a backorder on a Steiner M7Xi 4-28x56 MSR2 II and have the option to switch to a Minox ZP5 5-25 MR4 reticle - price is essentially a wash (I'm based in...
  10. BallisticPrimate

    RL16 vs R26 for 6.5 Creed

    Is there a consensus on which powder is better in the 6.5 Creed? I'm looking for a touch more velocity than H4350 produces - this is for a 20' Tikka hunting rifle pushing 147 or 140 ELD-M's. Any real world advise appreciated.
  11. BallisticPrimate

    Tenebraex Codes for Bushnell XRS II

    Anyone know what the XRS II uses. Tenebraex haven't listed the info on their site yet. Thanks, BP
  12. BallisticPrimate

    Short Bushnell XRS II Review

    Before I get into my thoughts re the XRS II I'd really appreciate it if someone could direct me to the correct Tenebraex cap sizes for this scope. I originally posted this in the XRS II thread but thought I'd put it up separately for those considering one. Having now spent more time with these...
  13. BallisticPrimate

    Pick my .308 bullet

    Some context - I've got 6mm & 6.5 match rifles so I know they stomp the .308 for wind/recoil (+ energy at distance) etc. My .308 is specifically for hunting out to 500m and occasionally banging steel - I'm keen to keep this rifle compact and relatively lightweight. The rifle is a Tikka Varmint...
  14. BallisticPrimate

    Hornady Eldm 225gr from a .308

    Looking at the '.223 /.308 aren't dead' thread had me playing around with numbers on my ballistic app. Now I'm wondering how fast a fast twist .308 20-22 inch barrel could push a 225gr Eldm? Assuming AI mag length constraints of approx 2.86 oal. Even very modest velocities (2300-2500fps)...
  15. BallisticPrimate

    Short/er barrel 6.5x47

    For the guys running 18-20 inch barrels - what are your loads? I'm considering chopping my barrel and running 130gr Hybrids - not sure how much velocity I'll give up to the 24inch barrel. I have 4350 and Varget on hand. Thanks, BP
  16. BallisticPrimate

    Through Scope of EBR-7B MRAD

    Any through scope reticle pictures of the EBR-7B? Thanks
  17. BallisticPrimate

    Short barrel 6mm

    .243, BR, 6x47, 6 Creed, Dasher etc - Please tell me what you got that's 20inch or less. What velocity are you getting and with which projectile. I know the 6mm's seem to need more barrel than the 6.5's, but I'm interested in what people are achieving with shorter 6mm's. Ciao, BP
  18. BallisticPrimate

    .243win 26' to 20/22' who's done it?

    Considering chopping my .243 barrel from 26' to 20 or 22' My main match rifle is a 6.5x47 and the .243 is typically a range/steel toy that's occasionally used for shorter PRS style matches and hunting. Currently I'm easily pushing 105 hybrids to 3100fps using H1000- wondering where I'll land...
  19. BallisticPrimate

    75gr ELD-M Terminal Performance

    Any info on how these perform on game? How do they compare to the amax? Anyone run them into ballistic gel yet? Thanks, BP
  20. BallisticPrimate

    Manners Mini Chassis For Tikka

    Not sure if this has already been discussed, I could't find anything on Search. Today I heard that Manners is going to release a Mini Chassis system for Tikka's - does anyone have any specifics on this? Thanks, BP