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  1. Kisssofdeath

    IBI Barrel #2

    Some of you already know about my 2nd IBI barrel and its oversize shank problem. Before starting a write up on it I wanted to get it to fit first. Now that that's done here we go. As usual I'll show a photo with dialog above it. Here is the shank size as received. This is what I asked for...
  2. Kisssofdeath

    Bergara B-14R Range Report and Assessment

    This will be a lengthy report because I want to show a few photos and explain what might be important to you, the reader. This is not organized and will be written as things comes to mind. This assessment should not be taken as an indicator of how all B-14R rifles will perform; this is how...
  3. Kisssofdeath

    Tikka 17 HMR suppressed and unsuppressed accuracy results

    Been wanting to do this for awhile now. This is mainly an FYI post but conversation is definitely welcome. I shot my Tikka 17 HMR in my Bravo KRG stock yesterday without a suppressor, suppressed with my AAC Ti-Rant 45M and suppressed with my Silencerco Sparrow. There was a point of impact...
  4. Kisssofdeath

    Got the boat paddle out

    Well, it's been awhile since getting this old Kimber 82G out. Can you guess why I called it a boat paddle? Anyway, just thought I would share a photo or two since most everyone talks about tactical rifles in here. Actually this 6' 100 lb rifle is tactical and is so tactical that most people...
  5. Kisssofdeath

    New toy in the works

    I have had this Anschutz 17LP for a few years now. I have always disliked the stock because of the feel and looks and that I can't attach a bipod without permanent modification. This Anschutz is based on their Match 64 action and is chambered in 17 HMR or 22 Mag, this one is 17 HMR. Barrel is...
  6. Kisssofdeath

    What did we shoot today?

    For most this is the first day of the weekend. So what did everyone shoot today? I guess I'll go first. :rolleyes: :p First on my list is my new Tikka T3x CTR in 6.5 Creedmor. This was shot only at 55 yards but I'm happy with it. Ammo data is on the target. And yeah, I know, I only shot...
  7. Kisssofdeath

    One of my top 10 rimfire decisions has been verified.

    Way back several months ago I switched out the wood stock on my 1712 for the XLR chassis on the 1710. I swapped them back eventually because I didn't have anything to fit the 1710. Accuracy has always been a battle with the 1712 with the wood stock expanding and contracting, making contact...
  8. Kisssofdeath

    Tikka T1x #3 accuracy

    People have asked about the accuracy of my stock barrel Tikka #3 and comparing it to my IBI barrel. First off I believe the accuracy with the Tikka I have is just an anomaly. But, here are some photos of what it has shot in no particular order. Read the top of the target for information. The...
  9. Kisssofdeath

    IBI barrel for Tikka is here. Maybe first in the US.

    Well guys and gals it has finally showed up. Door to door delivery time was 14 days. The looks is like I figured...fantastic. I have included photos so I will give dialog with those. Barrel as received from UPS. The shank profile is the same as the factory barrel. Crown...
  10. Kisssofdeath

    My experience with Lilja as a company and 17 HM2 barrel

    Yesterday I received my 17 HM2 barrel for my Sako Finnfire P94S. The barrel looked great at first sight. My Go Gauge was also there. I take the Go Gauge, put in the chamber and it doesn't fit like the website said it would. I look at the Go Gauge and it is not a Pacific Tool & Gauge brand...
  11. Kisssofdeath

    Liljia 17 HM2 or Lilja barrel advice period.

    Thinking about getting the 17 HM2 for one of my Sako Finnfire Range rifles. Wonder what people's experience is with them.
  12. Kisssofdeath

    Tikka T1x barrel removal

    Since the IBI barrel is on its way, I thought I would go ahead and remove the barrel. So far I have one screw out and 3 broke bits. Currently I have Kroil soaking the threads, and a 30 pack of T15 bits coming. If I break another I'm going with some heat. Has anyone removed their barrel and...
  13. Kisssofdeath

    Two "new to me" Sako Finnfires FTW

    I'm a sucker for a good deal. I bought a Finnfire Range for $258 cheaper than my first one; and I didn't think I overpaid for the first one. And picked up a Finnfire Hunter for $480, "yeah, I know, I stole it". Between yesterday and today, I finally got to shoot these two. Both were shot off a...
  14. Kisssofdeath

    Sparrow cleaning method in suppressor section

    Go here to see my method for cleaning a Silencerco Sparrow.
  15. Kisssofdeath

    My method for cleaning the Silencerco Sparrow.

    The other day I was cleaning my Sparrow and thought, "this would make a good topic for those not familiar with or just got their sparrow. I will have a dialog above each photo. Here is what your Sparrow will look like if you go several thousand rounds without cleaning. Do not do this, it will...
  16. Kisssofdeath

    Sterk Bolt Handle for Tikka T1x

    Ok guys, finally got the Sterk handle today and mounted. Attached are some photos compared to the factory bolt handle. Just doing a lot of dry runs the handle feels just like I imagined. There is very little hand movement to cycle the bolt now. Depending on how good you are I would say it's...
  17. Kisssofdeath

    RWS R50 sc shootout

    I'm sure by now some of you know about the big rimfire ammo clearance sale going on at SWFA. Well, I checked yesterday morning and all the Eley was gone and all the Federal Ultra Match was gone. Only thing left from what I bought was the RWS R50 sc. At that time I didn't check to see how many...
  18. Kisssofdeath

    Steyr Zephyr II on the bench today.

    I shot a couple hundred rounds today with my Steyr Zephyr II. I have had this rifle for about 1.5 years. I shot 50 rounds of Fed GM Ultra Match, Eley Edge, Eley Club and 25 rounds of Eley Tenex Pistol and Eley Match. All were shot with the Sparrow suppressor. Tenex Pistol and Match was shot...
  19. Kisssofdeath

    Questions about the 17 HM2

    I am thinking about getting a 17 HM2 barrel for another Finnfire Range. Before I did something like that I wanted to get peoples first hand opinion about the caliber, likes and dislikes and the Liljia barrel compared to the factory barrel. Thanks, Tim
  20. Kisssofdeath

    Eley ammo on sale at SWFA

    Bought all I wanted, some still left. Tenex and Tenex Pistol for $11.69. Eley Match $10.17. Lots of RWS on sale too. RWS R100 for $11.04. I got 6 bricks.