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  1. J

    WTB: TriggerTech

    Looking for TT primary or diamond for R700 platform. Must have flat shoe. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  2. J

    WTB: 30cal barrel blank

    Looking for a 30cal barrel blank with a 1/8 twist M24 or heavy Palma type couture. Prefer bartlein, Proof to name a couple. Let me know what you got. 231-519-0331 Thanks, Luke
  3. J

    WTT: Decided to keep

    Build plans have changed. Looking to trade a nib StillerTac300 for a nib Stiller tac338. Only looking to trade at the moment.
  4. J

    Rem.243 GTG

    Great guy to deal with. quick to respond to any messages. Absolutely GTG!
  5. J

    lawnboi is gtg

    Absolutely great guy to deal with!
  6. J

    WTB: 224 Valkyrie Dies

    Looking for a set of .224 Valkyrie dies. doesn’t have to be anything too extravagant just want to get something somewhat cheap.
  7. J

    WTT: RPR gen2 handguard

    Want to trade my gen2 for a 15 inch gen1 handguard.
  8. J

    WTS: Manners T4A elite. Price drop 12/3 trade added

    Up for sale is a S/A Manners t4a carbon elite in Black Forest camo. This is a non chassis stock with bottom metal. I picked this up used from a friend of mine and has been sitting in the safe since. I had my TL2 action sitting in it witch fit perfectly if memory serves correctly I think he...
  9. J

    Pwdrburner gtg

    Great guy to deal with!
  10. J

    WTB: bcm qrf 12” quad rail

    Title pretty much says it.
  11. J

    WTS: Bergara, Burris, ESS (sold)

    I have a Bergara b-14 22 inch 6.5 creedmoor with 40 rounds through it. Picked this up to put together a mid-weight hunting rifle but couldn’t decide on what stock I wanted so I put it in a ESS chassis. I find myself shooting my ar10 in 6.5 more that the bolt. What’s included... Bergara b-14...
  12. J

    WTB: 308 barrel for rpr

    Looking for factory or aftermarket 20 inch 308 barrel for the Ruger precision Rifle. Could trade a factory 6mm creedmoor barrel with 450 rounds on it.
  13. J

    Lasley0104 GTG

    Great guy to deal with. He is new here but had a great experience dealing with him and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again
  14. J

    WTB: PRI flat top rail

    Just to see if anyone here has one before I order one.
  15. J

    phidelt208 is gtg

    Absolutely great guy to deal with!
  16. J

    WTS: M.I.R.S. Rail More trades added

    Selling my mirs rail for a R700 s/a Bought this awhile ago for my wannabe M40A3 and will not work with my Pierce action. The rail is for a left hand action but will work with right hand. I had it on my 223 for a little while before I went to a chassis. Asking 400 shipped
  17. J

    WTB: R700 scope base

    Looking for a long and short action base. Would like to try area419 if anyone has one. Long action must come with 8-40 screws. Both bases must be at least 20moa
  18. J

    WTT/S Leupold Mark5 3.6-18 H59

    Want to trade my Mark5 for a Vortex gen2 pst 5-25 and 3-15 ffp with ebr-2c Can add cash if both scopes are new. Willing to sell it for 1500 shipped.
  19. J

    WTB: 30mm low rings

    Looking for Seekins or Nightforce low rings
  20. J

    skidhc GTG

    Absolutely great guy to deal with!