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  1. 308plinker

    Keeping Collier Built 6cm BA Deviant/Krieger/Jewel

    Great build, great seller! Can’t go wrong here.
  2. 308plinker

    WTB-WTT Tikka Stock Chassis

    Yes, I do. Been away from Hide with health issue. Send PM and I’ll reply.
  3. 308plinker


    Buy with Confidence! This man only owns premium “top shelf” gear! Can’t go wrong!!
  4. 308plinker

    Dependable Payment Method

    Well, sorry fellas. I guess we’re just screwed....
  5. 308plinker

    Dependable Payment Method

    I want to start by saying I’m not affiliated with the Cash app, nor am I receiving any benefits from sharing this information whatsoever. What I do know is that PayPal is not our friend. While it’s a dependable, secure way to send/receive funds, PayPal is definitely on the “Left”. They are as...
  6. 308plinker

    F Class bipod

    I’ll take this if still for sale
  7. 308plinker

    off the market

    What barrel contours will these accept?
  8. 308plinker

    Sold NIB AI S/A Proof Carbon 24” 6CM Barrel

    Buy with confidence! Only top shelf gear from this seller!
  9. 308plinker

    SOLD: Atlas 5-H Bipod (price drop)

    Hey, does this pod have the pic rail adapter? Thanks
  10. 308plinker

    WTB-KMW Sentinel

    As title says, looking to buy a RH Sentinel for a shorty TL3. Integrated block would be nice but not a deal killer. Somewhat picky about colors, prefer molded marble or digital Camo. Will consider any available. Thanks
  11. 308plinker

    Kahles 5-25x56 SKMR 3 Sold PF

    I’ll take it per our PM. Thanks Dave!
  12. 308plinker

    Found! A&D FX120I

    Looking for a scale in perfect working order. No part only scales please.
  13. 308plinker

    WTB Sartorius A&D FX120i

    As title states....not looking for a part only scale. Need one in good working order.
  14. 308plinker

    WTS: Manners EHF1A for Bighorn TL3

    Looking forward to it
  15. 308plinker


    What is O.D. Of brake? There’s .885 and .995”. Thx
  16. 308plinker

    WTB- 223 Go No-Go gauges

    Looking for a set of Go/NoGo gauges for .223 Remington. Thanks