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    Surefire QD form 1

    Alright all, been working on my form 1 designs for a while. Got them locked down, and then scored a few brakes with the Surefire type qd on them. I cant seem to locate any F1 end caps that have the SF pattern thread. Any advice would be appreciated. I guess I could not use the SF brakes, but...
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    Troy PDW stock

    I have a chance to get one of these, at a severely discounted rate. It is near new, but the fella doesn't like how compact it gets, or that it uses a proprietary BCG/buffer system. Thoughts? I'm looking into building a 13.5" barreled ultralight type rig, and thought this would be the icing...
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    Thinking I'm going to drink the kool aid. Probably pop my cherry with a 6x and a 10x for matching small and large frame AR rifles. .223 wylde and .308 win ; Current optics are a Strike Eagle 1-6 and a PST1 4-16×44, respectively. Are these good replacements? Use is banging steel, some paper...
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    Form 1 integral 5.56/.223

    So, I'm toying with designs for an integral suppressor for an AR build. I'm fairly "green" when it comes to cans. I understand their purpose and function, and am a lightly skilled craftsman. Daily, I'm in trade work, but it does not involve metal working unless it's a roof or Aluminum trim. My...
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    Completed sales

    @BAO13 @me124704 Good buyers, quick payment, good communication. Thanks fellas
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    Thinning the bin.....

    Alright ladies and gents, we're at it again. I'm liquidating some items to move on to other things. Prices are shipped CONUS: PayPal F&F or you eat the fee, USPS MO (ships when I've got your dough) Trades I'm interested in are: Mil/MRad optics (vortex, swfa, etc. In the price range)...
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    Powell is GTG

    @powell : seller, worked trade, first rate guy, great communication, shipped as and when expected, arrived as expected. Deal with confidence. Thank you very much
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    Talk to me about a Walther PPS

    Been offered a gen 1 PPS, in .40 s&w in a trade for a chainsaw I have. Saw is a 346xp for those interested. sick saw for sure, pre emissions, 50cc, roll firewood up your leg. Awesome sauce. Back to the weapon in question, is it any good? I have G22, 23, and 27, and only shoot .40, so that's a...
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    Slide cut dimensions

    I have a G22 that I'm going to use a project. As a preface, I have access to proper machine equipment and a skilled operator. Is there a specific spot where one would mill a slide for a red dot? No, I'm not buying another pistol or slide, I'd rather buy ammo. This is just something I'm...
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    How far ahead? Stock wise

    All components being equal: brass, powder/bullet lot, primers, etc. How far ahead of myself should I get? 200? 500? 5000? Just curious as I've "heard" mixed reviews. Cant imagine it's any different than stocking factory stuff. Just looking for some thoughts. Thanks
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    Looking for a new device

    Best place I could think to post. I think I want a new phone. Used to love my BlackBerry, but they're not the same anymore. Currently have a Galaxy S9. Used to like Nokia N95, but that's outdated and unsupported. Apparently, windows is dropping support this year sometime. Makes me sick...
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    Oh boy, aint this something

    In order to avoid the hammer, I'll refrain from sharing most of my thoughts on this. However, let's just let this sink in, on an "equality" level...
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    A little help please

    Ok gents, this is gonna be long winded. I've been in front of the bench or chrono all day and I'm getting a little frustrated. Rifle: Aero AR10, .308, 20", 1:10, round count is at 250 now. Hornady brass, hornady 168gr match, Varget, CCI 200, powder throw then tuned using RCBS 505 and...
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    All sold; please close

    If my prices are off, or outrageous, I'm sorry and am open to offers and suggestions. Prices are shipped USPS. Will take more photos upon request. Maybe a "bundle and save" can be worked out. Trades I'm interested in are: Aero Precision enhanced keymod 9" handguard in black, Sierra Matchkings in...
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    I dont remember voting on this....... Makes my fucking blood boil...
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    YouTube for.......suicide instructions? This makes me sick. YouTube can ban AR videos, and things gun related overnight: but does not possess the resources to control this type of madness? I refuse...
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    Large frame Buffer question

    Rifle is AR10, .308, 20", 1:10, I dont think the list is necessary, if it is, I will provide it. My question is; would I see a difference in anything if I used a rifle length tube and buffer system, versus a carbine length tube and buffer system? Buffer weights being the same, of course. My...
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    1 o'clock RDS

    Looking for some input/opinions. Just finishing an AR10 build in .308, and I need a little advice from those who have tried the offset RDS thing. I picked up a venom 3moa dot and vortex offset rail: Goal was to use the 1 o'clock mount and roll the rifle to the red dot. I think what I've run in...
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    Hollywood6mm is GTG

    Seller went above and beyond; accurately described, shipped with care, prompt and helpful. Buy with confidence
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    I've been happy with both aesthetics, and performance, of my Aero AR15 build in .223 wylde. So, it has been part of the inspiration in my Aero AR10 build. Here they are, the 15 is "fully dressed", as I like to call it, with all her gear strapped on. The 10 is ready for optic, trigger, and...