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    SoldDillon 650 parts/acc

    SoldI have two Dillon 650 toolhead, both with the powder die body. $35 each Dillon 650 conversion kit for .40. $60 Add $5 for the ride. Thanks!
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    NF 4-16x42 F1 C552 SPF

    C552 ATACR 4-16X42 F1 Mil, in excellent condition. Original box included. Front and rear flip caps. Not positive on the make of the mounts, they look like Leopold but I am not sure. Vortex bubble level included. $SPF including the ride.
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    Rem 416 ammo

    Remington factory 416 Remington Mag ammo. 400 grain Barnes solids 400 gr Swift A frame bullets For when you need to stop a charging greyhound bus!
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    WTB: Mystery Ranch 3 day or Komodo

    Looking for either a 3 day or the Komodo MR packs. Thanks!
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    Sold Seekins Havak PH1, 6.5 CM

    Seekins Havak Pro Hunter, PH1. 6.5CM. Excellent condition. Rifle has 267 rounds through it. Shoots very well. I had posted some groups with Hornady factory 140's in the Seekins thread. Bipod and brake pictured are not included. Only trades would be a Vortex 18X bino, or a Vudoo rifle...
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    Seekins Havak PH1

    Seekins Havak Pro Hunter, PH1. 300 win mag. Excellent condition. Original purchaser. Rifle has 20 rounds through it. Scope/rings not included. I do have the original box and paperwork. I bought a Deep South Tactical in 300 that I have wanted for a long time hence the reason for sale...
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    Leupold scopes

    1. Vari X III. 3.5 x 10 x 40. 1" tube. Duplex reticle. Glass finish. Scope has ugly marks on the body. Works fine and the glass is in very good shape. Come with Butler Creek caps. $125 2. Leupold Vari x III, 4.5 x 14 x 50 Long Range. Taget turrets. 30mm tube. Scope is in good...
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    Vortex PSTII, 5-25x50

    Vortex PSTII 5-25X50 FFP Mrad. EBR2C. In excellent condition. Purchased new. Mounted on the 6.5 for about 150 rounds. Going back to MOA scopes. No rings, bubble included. Scope, box. $800 including the ride....Now $750!!
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    Seekins ATC muzzle break

    New, never installed Seekins ATC brake. .30 cal. Bead blasted finish. $50 PP f/f shipped
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    Since I have no idea when I will get a JHR.....

    I had wanted to spend the winter getting set up with a new rifle and working up loads....just killing time over the winter with good projects. Unfortunately the JHR is unknown as to when, so I need to look at potential other options. I like custom guns and I can not lie :) My JHR was ordered...
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    Looking for some advice.....optic for hunting rig

    Purchased a Seekins Havak in 300 that will be used strictly for hunting (elk, etc.). Looked at some of the NF scopes at Cabelas the other night. Disclaimer.....I have never owned a NF but would like to change that :) Was checking out the SHV 4-14. I like that kind of power range for a longer...
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    WTB: Giraud trimmer, annealer, Forster Co-ax

    Looking to pick up a couple of things, specifically the Giraud trimmer, annealer and a Forster Co-ax press. Looking for 6.5 Creedmoor (at least at the moment:))
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    FS: Vortex PST II, 5-25

    New, never used. Vortex PST II, 5-25 X 50. FFP. EBR-2C reticle 875 including the ride.
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    FS: SPF Redding Premium Die Set, 6.5 Creedmoor

    New, never used, Redding Premium 3 die set for 6.5 Creedmoor. 120 including the ride.
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    Looking for recommendations...

    New to suppressors on bolt guns. I currently have a Seekins in 6.5, and another on order in 28 Nosler. Looking for a suppressor for both. The 28 will be strictly a hunting gun. I called TBA and it looks like their Ultra 7 would work fine. I called them and they are 8 weeks or so out from...
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    Redding 3 die set

    Looking at the Redding Premium Deluxe 3 die set for 6.5 CM. Like the idea of the micrometer seating die. Any feedback on these? Looks like the best price is on flea bay for just over $130 (shipped)
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    Kestrel 5700

    Is there one location better than another for the purchase of a Kestrel 5700 Elite? Thanks!
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    New guy to suppressors

    So looking to set up a trust to be able to purchase a couple of suppressors. Would like to use them on a 65. CM for PRS and a 28 Nosler for hunting. Suggestions as to where to look? What to look out for? Thanks in advance!
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    Sig or Kestrel?

    Another new guy question...... Looking at both of these to use for some long range shooting and PRS type matches. Read quite a few reviews on both but am certainly open to thoughts from those that have had some real world expierence comparing the two. Thanks!
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    So if a guy had to choose.....

    Between these three rifles for a Precision competition gun (for a newbie), what would you choose? (all in 6.5 CM) 1. RPR 2. Bergara B14HMR (or Premier) 3. Seekins Havak Pro HP1 I have not handled the Bergara rifles at all. Just looked at a RPR at a LGS. Just bought a Seekins PH1 to play...