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  1. USNavy06

    Leopold Mark4 20 MOA Pic Rail?

    Yeah they hold zero just fine. Used both screw sizes on different rifles and had no problems.
  2. USNavy06

    Leopold Mark4 20 MOA Pic Rail?

    I’ve used one before. Never had any issues with it but I did end up replacing it with a badger rail but that was just because I prefer badger.
  3. USNavy06

    WTB Winchester Internal Magazine/ 1 Piece Floor Plate For FN PBR Swap

    Yeah I bought a McMillan A3g for $199 and I bought their steel floor plate for $175
  4. USNavy06

    WTB Winchester Internal Magazine/ 1 Piece Floor Plate For FN PBR Swap

    I just bought a pbr myself last week. Midwest gun works has some steel 1 piece floor plates. They are a bit expensive but they are nice. They also have some nice McMillan stocks for the model 70/Fn rifles.
  5. USNavy06

    Remington 5R vs Bargera B14 ridge

    The Remington 700 5r rifles are dang good rifles. Most people that bash them have never even shot one. I have not had a Remington to date that wouldn’t shoot sub moa.
  6. USNavy06

    Modern Winchester 70 pros and cons?

    I’m using a model 70 extreme weather as my deer/Elk rifle and like it very much. It’s accurate, it’s relatively light and always reliable. I own several different rifles but this is my go to hunting rifle.
  7. USNavy06

    Vudoo .22 ordered today!

    Very nice! I recently acquired a vudoo a couple months ago myself. They shoot awesome!
  8. USNavy06

    glass quality Mark 5HD vs Mark 6

    Just picked up a MK5 as well. 3.6-18x44. I have always been a NF fan but this MK5 is a nice scope for the money.
  9. USNavy06

    Browning X-Bolt Hells Canyon Speed Long Range McMillan

    You can pick up solid NF shv deals on eBay all the time. Worth looking into.
  10. USNavy06

    Which scope in $800-$1000 range for Vudoo 22?

    I just used a set of NF ultralite lows (.885) Mine also has the 30 moa rail. You should be good to go.
  11. USNavy06

    Which scope in $800-$1000 range for Vudoo 22?

    Oh ok. I think you will find it works perfect.
  12. USNavy06

    Which scope in $800-$1000 range for Vudoo 22?

    I’m running that exact NF on mine. It seems to work perfect. Did you have one you could try out on it?
  13. USNavy06

    MK12 mod 0 help

    Eurooptic had some mark 4 2.5-8x36mm scopes the other day. I’m in the process of building one myself and snatched one up. Not sure they have the TS30a2 versions anymore but they do have the one I mentioned above. Better act quick.
  14. USNavy06

    Price for a used Leupold Mark 4?

    The clone guys are mainly just looking for the 2.5-8x36 TS30a2, fixed 10x m3a, 3.5-10x40 m3 or the 3.5-10x40 m2 dark earth scope. Still I’d say it would sell for around $500-$600.
  15. USNavy06

    Help ID these scope rings

    Never seen that on any hs Precision products I own haha. Thanks
  16. USNavy06

    Help ID these scope rings

    So I picked up a used mark 4 3.5-10x40 for a really good price. It came with these rings mounted on it. They are machined nicely and there are no sharp edges on them at all. They look to be of good quality but I have no idea who makes these. Was just curious if any of you know who makes these.
  17. USNavy06

    17HMR- What are your thoughts.

    I have taken several fox around my place with the 17 hmr. Only had one run about 30 yards. Usually drop right on the spot when I shoot them.
  18. USNavy06

    KRG Bravo for cz455 ?!

    So a little update. I emailed KRG on Saturday and they responded instantly. Turns out they sent me the wrong buttstock and had a new one on my doorstep that following Wednesday. Great customer service couldn’t be happier! Thanks KRG
  19. USNavy06

    KRG Bravo for cz455 ?!

    Thanks for the pic. Yeah looks like I have the wrong section. I’ll see what they say Monday