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  1. Smooth_87

    Bushnell LRTSi v DMR2I

    Considering LRTSi 4.5-18 v DMR2i for following rifle. Tikka CTR 308. Outfitted with Sterk bolt, shroud, limbsaver and Harris brms. I’ve decided to keep it in its standard stock because it serves its purpose really well, keeps weight down and really like the dbm and TRG mag. I have quite a lot...
  2. Smooth_87

    AUS Wombat Ordnance Tikka T3 Build

    It was many years ago that I was first introduced to the Tikka T3, the first that I fired was a good friends Tikka T3 270 varmint. From the first two shots I knew these were a nice rifle, with an excellent trigger and action. Anybody in the know knows that the Tikka has some distinct...