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    For you guys who run a red dot on your shotgun

    I would like to pick your brain! First off, here’s what my setup come Monday is going to look like: -18.5” Mossberg 590a1 50774 w/ accuchoke system ( I will have modified and Cylinder available) -XS Sight Rail w/ Ghost ring rear sight -Leupold Deltapoint pro 7.5moa triangle with leupold low...
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    WTS: Vortex Razor Gen2 4.5-27x56 EBR-7B MRAD

    Hey fellas I hate to let this one go but my 4mo old daughter incurred some unforeseen medical bills that I need to take care of. Scope was used at one match and is in perfect working order. Tracks like a champ. Only blemish on the optic can be observed on the elev turret cap. Glass is 100%...
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    WTS: Tikka T3X Tac A1 6.5 Creedmoor *Price Drop 11/3*

    Hey guys, Need to sell this to help pay for some unforseen medical bills for my 4 month old girl. Rifle is in great shape. Will make a real nice shooter for the next owner. Model: Tikka T3X Tac A1 Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor Barrel Length: 24" Modifications: I sliced off the "A2 nub" on the grip...
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    WTS: *New in Box* Vortex Razor G2 4.5-27x56 EBR-7C MIL $1750 *SPF*

    New in box. Never opened. $1850 NOW $1750 NOW SOLD PENDING FUNDS shipped in the lower 48. USPS MO or PP F/F. No trades please.
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    WTS: Vortex Razor G2 1-6 Mil $850

    Hey guys, I wanted to try out a razor and decided that I’d rather have something with a bdc. This optic has the mil reticle. -95% condition -Flaws are cosmetic only. ( pretty much 100% battery compartment) -Glass is pristine -Optic is yours for $900 NOW $850 SOLD!!! shipped lower 48 PP F/F or...
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    WTS: Vortex recon R/T Monocular 15x50 Mil Reticle $400

    Brand new never used. Handy little unit here. -Vortex part number RT155 -Condition-New -Ships with all factory goodies -Mil reticle These sell new for $599. Buy this one for $525 NOW $450 NOW$400 shipped in the lower 48! USPS MO or PP f/f. Please PM with any and all inquiries.
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    KISS Rifles

    A thread for bolt rifles that simply work. Climate indifferent. Reliable trigger system. (I honestly believe this eliminates all 700 pattern triggers) Perfect feeding system, a barrel you can count on, and elimination of moving parts. Factory available caliber. I feel like the AI AW is...
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    WTS: Burris XTRII 4-20x50 Horus H591 illum

    Great little optic. Really the best overall package in the XTRII lineup. -Cosmetic Condition- 95% or better -Glass- Perfectly pristine -Perfect function -Illuminated H591 reticle -Comes with MKM throw lever -Box/paperwork not included -Fully transferable Burris Forever Warranty $925 NOW $850...
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    I want to buy a PDW—What takes the cake?

    Hey guys, For whatever reason I’ve been bit by the PDW bug. I have a 12” 5.56 LMT SBR along with several other lmt chassis that could be SBR’d but I want something a little different. Intent of use: self defense. Potential big game hunting <100yds but very unlikely in my AO. It needs to be...
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    WTS: Trijicon TA31 4x .223 ACOG

    -TA31 4x -Extremely tough nickel boron finish -.223 Red Chevron reticle -Unknown date. Feel free to call Trij based on the serial. Estimated mfg 2016-2017 -Tritium is legit and very useable at night -TA51 mount -Everything is in perfect working order and the glass is pristine. -What you see is...
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    Swarovski EL Range 10x42 #70020 *Like New* Price drop!

    Gents, Incredible unit here. Not one single blemish on these—just trying to free up some cash for other projects. Glass is 100%. LRF is 100%. Finish is 100%. Accessories are 100%. Total hours on this thing is about 36 over the last two deer seasons. Lrf will pick up cedar trees & hillsides...
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    Screw bedding—should I bond my rifle?

    I find it hard to believe AI is the only company to ever “permanently” bond a receiver and chassis. If: 1. You’re favorite smith had your action measurements 2. You are not worrying about resale value 3. This did not hinder the maintenance of your rifle Why would you not bond it? I look at...
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    WTS: The OG. Nightforce NXS 3.5-15-50 F1 FFP

    Howdy gents! I’ve long considered the 3-15f1 the best all around riflescope in the world. Today is a sad day as I need to let my last one go. The basement needs to be finished and although this optic might make for an exceptional hammer I need to turn it into either paint or carpet. -Model...
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    WTS: Nightforce ATACR 5-25 F1 H59 Illum *Price Drop!*

    Gents, Title says it all. Scope has been used in a half dozen matches and is in great shape. Normal wear. Nothing significant. No major cosmetic flaws. Sat in nothing but NF rings. Scope started as a Mil-R and was swapped to a H59 by NF. Comes with: -Box -Manual -Windage cover -Windage beauty...
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    AI AW Mags, APA Little Bastard, Warne 30mm Rings

    1. Gen2 Little Bastard Self Timing Black Nitrided Muzzle Brake. 5/8x24. .30 cal. Perfect working condition. Some carbon buildup. $130 shipped 2. Four AI AW .308 Magazines. All in perfect working order. One has small amount of Krylon. $65 Apiece or 4 for $225 3. Warne 30MM fixed...
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    WTB: 6.5 Creedmoor Dies

    All, Looking for a set of 6.5CM reloading dies. Looking to buy used to save a few bucks. Please let me know what you have! -Need a Full Length and Seater die Thanks!
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    Atlas V8 6-9" USED

    Hey Gents, I’m a harris guy and took this in on a trade. 6-9” Atlas with the twisty ass legs. Screw mount. The OG. Sell new for $229. $150 takes this one. No trades unless you have 1x hornady 6.5cm brass. Perfect working order. USPS MO or PP F/F. Thanks All!
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    WTS: Vortex Viper 4-16x50 LNIB w/ BDC VHS-4703

    Hey guys, Have a 4-16x50 SFP Vortex Viper w/ the bdc reticle that’s legitimately LNIB. Capped Turrets. Side Focus. Great Hunting Scope. -Sunshade included -Retails for $559 -Yours for $375 shipped. SOLD No trades. Lower 48. PP F/F or USPS MO PM or email for best contact.
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    WTS: Accuracy International AT AIAT *STEAL*

    Hey Fellas, Really hurts to let this one go. I’m the original owner of this rifle and it was purchased the year the AT came out. For 2 reasons. 1. To have a rifle that will work in any hunting conditions mother nature throws at me. (South Dakota can get nasty) And 2. To be able to easily swap...
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    WTS: 6XC Dies

    Hey fellas need to offload some dies I don’t use anymore. All of them are in great working order and have provided nothing but excellent results. 1. 6XC LE Wilson Inc Full Length Bushing Type Sizing Die- $40 SOLD 2. 6XC Whidden Micrometer Seater Die- $100 SOLD 3. 6XC Redding 3-die set...