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  1. Slash0311

    Cool pics of cool stuff

    Sirhrmechanics post in to motivational thread got me thinking. These are pictures of the workings of a 4 faced clock for our town square. Rather than putting these in the motivational thread, I thought starting a new thread was a place for any other cool stuff pics.
  2. Slash0311

    Any trip advice for Fl Keys?

    I figured Id take a chance. My wife and I are thinking of trips for next year and thinking of the Keys. We're pretty low key and not much for night life. Good restaurants and small crowds would be ideal. Fishing, snorkeling and maybe diving would be awesome. We're open on when to go as well...
  3. Slash0311

    Any good call blockers for samsung android?

    A couple months ago I had to update my Samsung and it made my call blocker quit working. It was blocking calls even from contacts. Does anyone have one that works with Samsung? I want one that will block any calls not from contacts. I don't mind to pay a one time fee but I don't want to pay...
  4. Slash0311

    New Mat Best Video

    If the link doesn't work, search "military ballad, can't believe I miss this" I was actually impressed.
  5. Slash0311

    Yet another reason to ditch Nike
  6. Slash0311

    Would you do this in a firearms class?

    I recently attended a "professional" law enforcement advanced pistol instructor course. The instructor had us clear and use dummy rounds and barrel devices. Once we checked and double checked each other's guns and mags, we dry fired at each other. Including malfunction drills going head to...
  7. Slash0311

    Need suggestions for working pocket knife

    Im sick of knives that just aren't tough. I bought a brand new Case Muskrat today. As I was cutting simple cardboard, I could see the blade flexing and bending (but did stay straight). Does anyone have a suggestion for a Stockman size folder for a pocket that can withstand a little work...
  8. Slash0311

    Kestrel 2700 vs 5700

    Im considering the new 2700. From the description on the website, it has the Link app and applied ballistics. Ive never used one and Im not sure I need all of the festures of the 5700. Most of my shooting will be less than 500 yards with one rifle. There is the possibility of hunting rifles...
  9. Slash0311

    Looking for source for targets

    I tried searching but couldn't find anything. Does anyone know where I can get these headshot targets in the picture? I tried the site listed on them and nothing comes up. Im happy to buy a disc or paper. If I cant find a source, I'll copy these but I'd rather have clean targets. PM if...
  10. Slash0311

    Camo options other than spray paint or dip

    Im looking at camo options for my RPR rifle thats not permanent. No spray cans or dips. I need camo options for my state's advanced observer sniper course in October. I know part of it will include a stalk. Two options are camo foam tape and vinyl wraps. Does anyone have any experience with...
  11. Slash0311

    Problem with Sig BDX1800... update last post

    I just recieved my new BDX1800 from Brownells. Straight out of the box, i installed the battery and it wouldn't come on. I flipped the battery, still nothing. Flipped it back and it did come on. I went outside and tried ranging things around. (3pm in the afternoon, partly cloudy) i could...
  12. Slash0311

    Low impacts in low light (update)

    Short version. Ive got a good zero at 100 yards at my States Sniper School. Ive passed 7-8 quals up to tonight. We did a night shoot. One qual couse (passed) 16 rounds on 4 targets total (all impacted about 1/2" low) and then another qual. I failed the last one because 3 rounds were 2"-3"...
  13. Slash0311

    Tacoma FD, very funny

    I watched the first episode of Tacoma FD tonight. I laughed my ass off. Its a couple of the Broken Lizard guys from Super Troopers, Beer Fest and others. Highlights from the first episode were: I guy tearing his office up looking for shrimp hidden inside it. A kid hiding in a pipe to get...
  14. Slash0311

    Looking for an Emerson Coin

    I figured I'd give this a shot here. Im a huge fan of Emerson knives and love his pirate logo. I missed out being able to get one of the Emerson "pieces of eight" challenge coins with that pirate on it. If by some slim chance anyone here has one they'd be willing to part with, I'd be very...
  15. Slash0311

    Black Rifle Coffee and Emerson knives combo

    BRCC has teamed up with Emerson Knives offering coffee and logo mug combo. Awesome knives and great coffee.
  16. Slash0311

    Knightfall on History

    Anyone watching? If you don't know, it's about the Kights Templar. It's been keeping me interested so far. Some if the fights are brutal. Id recommend it so far if youre looking for something to watch.
  17. Slash0311

    Other Pro 2A organizations???

    First, I'm not trying to start a thread bashing the NRA. I think we all know their faults. Recently, I've been considering looking at other Pro 2A organizations to join rather than upgrading to the next life member level. I'm a Patron Life Member of the NRA and I've been none to happy about...
  18. Slash0311

    Oh boy, crap in my area starting?

    It's just hit the local news here in Evansville, Indiana. Police shot and killed a man armed with a bat outside the Federal building. Witnesses say two ran away after the shooting. No other details being released at this point but I have to wonder just because of the circumstances. I'll post a...
  19. Slash0311

    Dark Tower... Anyone else excited about it?

    Seeing how things seem quite here lately, I'll bring up the Dark Tower. I've been waiting for the movie ever since they mentioned it. I've read all the books but there's a ton of bazzar stuff in them. They had better make the movie right. Come on Friday!!
  20. Slash0311

    Looking for AR 15 rail suggestions

    I'm starting to look for a set of rails for my AR 15. The only brand I've got any experience with is Surefire two piece that seems to be discontinued. I really liked this set up because it used a set screw to lock the two halves together. Can anyone recommend a brand similar to that? I've...